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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by brockjohnny, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. brockjohnny

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    I am about to purchase a jack and I have it narrowed down to the pitbull or the J&S. The pitbull is about $100 more with shipping. Any good reason to spend the extra $ on the pitbull?
  2. LARK

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    I've seen a lot of threads on many forums asking which one to buy. Funny thing is the owners of both models love their lifts while recognizing the other brand is also great too. You don't see that with many products. The bottom line is both are high quality and function great. I bought a J&S last month and really like it. From a functional stand point the main difference is the Pitbull will raise the bike 25" and the J&S is 18".
  3. brockjohnny

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    ever wish you could lift yours higher?

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Actually that would be a no...I have the Harbor Freight one and it raises bike about 18", but it is entirely high enough, no I do not want or need to raise the bike that high to service the bike, nor do I need to ride on the front or back wheel as the stability is fine for my servicing needs at under $70 on sale. So all good products and will serve you well.
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    Like NEWHD74FAN has stated I used a GM Goodwrench motorcycle jack. Paid like $70.00. It has worked great for many years and allows enough height to change tires. So if the more expensive jacks has equally amounts of benefits then it is a good value.
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    As NEWHD74FAN stated, if you do a search there quite a few old and new threads on this subject with all the ins and outs on the various options.

    The most recent one prior to yours is at
    Lift adapter - Harley Davidson Community

    You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money to safetly raise your bike. But you should read and decide on your own.
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    I'll add my vote for the Harbor Freight motorcycle lift. I think I paid $69 for it a few years ago, and it works fine. Stable, relatively good quailty all things considered, and unless you are a professional, more than suitable for the routine jobs you'll do.....
  8. Hoople

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    I originally started off with the Yellow HF jack. If I knew about the adapter modification in order to lift a Dyna frame, I probably would still be using it today. It is a lot of jack for $70 & I don't think it can be matched for that price.

    Granted I have never seen a crazy release valve design such as the one used on that hydraulic unit but other than that, it was a pretty good jack.
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    I have had a J&S jack for several years now. It does not "sag" in the middle like some other jacks I have seen, and I roll it around the garage with ease when i am doing other things. You can climb up on the bike and check out the adjustments of mirrors, pegs etc. You can tighten any fastener without the risk of pushing it over. They back their product 100%, and it is made in Wisconsin. As far as price goes, I have bought chrome mirrors that cost more than this jack. Just imagine your ride falling off of a "less expensive" product, and hitting the floor.:bigsmiley19:
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    Not really. 18" seems to work good for both sitting and standing. Others have said you can spend a lot less money and still get the job done. They are right. I had a $90 lift for years and it worked great. I was just looking for something a little better this time. It's a little like do I buy a Snap-On torque wrench or one from Harbor Freight? They both work. One thing you won't get on the low end lifts is the high end wheels. My cheap jack wouldn't roll worth a darn with a bike on it. My J&S is an easy one handed operation. It's like driving a car with or without power steering. It's that dramatic a difference. If you're willing to pop for a high end lift you can't make a bad choice with either a J&S or Pitbull.