You carry tools, extra parts, etc...on your bike?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Whiterook, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Whiterook

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    I have a softail heritage but I'm going to ask the question here because it applies more to touring bikes. Do you normally keep any type of small tool kit, parts, etc... in your bike? If so what items do you carry? Anything different on long trips? Thanks!!!
  2. Rewind

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    It's always good to carry a tool kit on your bike, if not for yourself, maybe for a buddy. There are several different kits you can buy with the tools already in them. As for parts with the bikes of today there's not much need to carry extras........maybe an extra set of spark plugs, but that's about it.
  3. STEVE07

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    I carry the HD tool kit that came with my bagger(torx,allen and standard wrenches,plug socket and screwdriver) I have added a pair of vise-grips,cable ties,pump for the air shocks and a test light and electrical tape to the pouch. On a long trip the only thing I add is my can of fix a flat.
  4. Doug_09ultra

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    Aside from the stuff mentioned above, I also carry a "Leathermans Multi-tool" It comes in handy for all kinds of stuff.
  5. roofgoof

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    Just the HD tool kit, wire ties and tape. I also have plugs..
  6. Bodeen

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    This is great thread that I can learn from. Havent done a really long trip yet but already carry tool kit, plug kit.

  7. HarbingerRX1

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    Basic tool kit and fix-a-flat. Zip ties and electrical tape also.
  8. Merlynn

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    I always carry a small rectangular piece of plastic with a magnetic stripe and a VISA emblem on it along with some numbers and stuff. Comes in real handy if I break down and need repairs at the nearest dealership.
  9. SamF

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    Allen keys and torx as well. A few assorted open end wrenches, a pair of needle nose pliers, a pair of vise grip pliers, a multi tool, safety wire, paper towels, 2 rags, some wire ties, electrical tape, a spare headlight, turn signal and brake lamp. Tire plugs and installation tools.

    Cell phone, ez pass and a credit card :D

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  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Funny, my Sporty had NO tools that came with the bike...even Metric bikes came with small bag of cheapies...needless to say you do not have to own a Harley very long to realize NO tools is downright silly, even in a modern car you should have at least a small group of tools, jumper cables, lighting and emergency road kit. From SamF along with most all the other posters are pretty much on the mark, AND pack it in a small non descrept leather bag either mounted on the fork or astern, your choice. One of those simple, voluntary rider preventable means of reducing a road side hazard event or accident that costs inside of $100 give or take...sounds like pretty cheap "assurance" to me! :D

    No point in riding around unprepared for that $300 tow or long term breakdown on the open highway in the wilderness. It is like riding without a wallet or riding gear...if you decide to not prepare for riding out into the wild blue without a safety net like handtools, cell phone and credit card, be prepared for a rude, awakening, one dark and rainy night. :52:

    Ride well and have every chance to something right and have an enjoyable long ride, every time you go out, but at the very least, only once to do something seriously the words that rung loud in the movie Top Gun..."--never push a bad position...and never ever leave your wing man" ( other words, your partner or significant other at risk).:newsmile025:
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