Just Not Down With Two-Up

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Rocket J., Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Rocket J.

    Rocket J. Member

    OK, the title was a very small attempt at humor; a play on words.
    I've fairly recently come to the realization that riding with a passenger is just not at all for me. I know I risk being declared Persona non grata by the touring bike crowds, but I think it not nearly as safe as riding solo and it's not even much fun riding two-up.

    When I met my wife in the 70s all I had was a bike and we rode two-up, but after we started to make a bit of $ and got a car she seemed to like the twp-up bike riding less and less. Every great once in a while we may go for a short ride (in perfect "blue bird" weather), but I'm not even looking forward to doing that any more. I always tried to encourage her to get her own bike and ride with me. I never understood how anyone could ride passenger on a bike and not be completely freaked out by it.

    I still appreciate my Electra Glide and have always though of real bikes as Electra Glides for at least since I saw the movie Electra Glide In Blue and that other cool Electra Glide cop movie with Michael Parks. It's just that, like those guys, I'm going to ride solo.

    If any of you who enjoy riding two-up or those who ride as passengers and are not completely freaked out by it have the time and inclination to post your thoughts about this topic, I'd certainly be interested in reading them.
  2. JDPEagle

    JDPEagle Active Member

    My wife and I used to ride two-up all the time. But she has since gotten her own bike, and I went to a solo seat set-up.

    Isn't the saying, "once you go solo... you never go duo?" :lolrolling
  3. Clint

    Clint Active Member

    When I bought the Heritage my told me she was behind me 100% and she is! :D

    The only time I really know she's back there is when I'm moving REAL slow. Other then that, we have a great time riding 2-up!
  4. maine-e-axe

    maine-e-axe Junior Member

    Ol lady on the back for 17 years, she wanted to try it, took the class and loves it, she's been riding her own allmost 2 years.
  5. rkrdr2

    rkrdr2 Active Member

    My wife has never had the desire to ride her own...I have tried several times,she enjoys just being a tourist...up until the time I took her down the Dragon...she was real quiet the rest of the day!
  6. gasbag

    gasbag Active Member

    I do not ride two up. I removed the pillion and backrest and luggage rack and passenger pegs and replaced them with a luggage rack over the rear fender so as to fend off any "oh gee can I have a ride"? requests.
  7. Skid-lid

    Skid-lid Member

    My daughter rides with me quite often but my wife won't even get on my bike. She says it bothers her not to be in control. She doesn't want to ride her own either. As far as passengers go, my daughter is great. She rides back there like she was born on two wheels. I have to check on her every so often as I'm always afraid she will get too comfy and fall asleep and that scares me.
  8. Mattman4403

    Mattman4403 Junior Member

    Almost always two up. i can tell the difference but my wife just loves it. We have been east and west north and south always had a great time.
  9. Chopper

    Chopper Senior Member

    I love getting out and putting the bike in high gear and just enjoy being one with it out in the middle of no place with lot of twisties and hills but sometimes there's nothing better than putting a beautiful women behind you on a cool evening and just cruising, just got to be careful my wife doesn't catch me.
  10. AZ SERK

    AZ SERK Member

    Seldom do I ride two-up. The little lady has never been fond of my two-wheel hobby. It has always been my alone time, "therapy." :)