Have you CRASHED.....yet?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by oldgeezer, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. oldgeezer

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    Everyone that I talk to, when they find out that I ride, the immediate question is have you crashed yet? Or how many times have you kissed the pavement. Or I'm too old I cant take the pain of sliding down the highway anymore. Or if you haven't crashed yet...you will!!!

    I have not crashed or laid my bike down, but I do realize that an accident can happen all to quickly.

    I'm kind of frustrated that the mind set of all is you must crash at least once but more than likely multiple times if you continue to ride.

    I'm somewhat of a rookie and have only logged up about 15,000 total riding miles.

    Please tell your story about crashes or safe miles you have rode.
  2. Bud White

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    Have i yes .. and it is annoying to hear first thing have you ..

    I made it just about 1.2 miles when i dropped it at a stop light .. thing i was over agressive with the front brake trying to get used to it the front forks bottomed and down it went with me still standing up over it like i ment to do it ..

    1st time and hopefully the last
  3. buddybr

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    I've ridden about 43,000 miles accident free. I ride as safely as I can, most especially in my comfort zone. When I ride at night, I don't overdrive my headlight.

    Accidents may happen but if I stay alert, aware of my surroundings and other drivers, I feel relatively safe. I'm certainly not going to worry and take away from my joy of riding.

    Ride safe my friend.
  4. Billybob

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    Yep add me to the list, but not my fault!!!! The guy was busy rubber necking while making a left turn and T-Boned me. Just got my first sporty a 95th anniversary edition. Used, but sweet ride. Only had it a month. I was so proud. The bike was never the same. Traded it in on my road king..... guess it all worked in the end!!!
  5. STEVE07

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    Not this bike,I'm older and smarter now!:newsmile100:
  6. rhino

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    took a trip over the handlebars, loose gravel on concrete. the twenty foot flight didnt hurt it was the sudden stop at the end.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Crashed...no...dropped, yes on the different bikes I have been on over the years, usually at a stop, usually in the first month or two, first time put left foot on anti-freeze and over it went, in 1980; going down a steep gravel downhill and when transitioning backup left hand turn front end washed out, broke my side mirror in 1982; rear ended at a stoplight in 1986; prior to filling up at a gas station over spilled gasoline in 1996; and high centered over a speed bump in parking lot, bottomed both ends, stopped dead and tipped over in 2008 Novemeber...engine guard held it long enough for me to get off, kill engine, and get it righted along side... :(

    No, I am not happy with those experiences, but at the same time I am blessed I never crashed. Close calls? sure, closest was test riding a bike and suddenly have no front brakes, applying rears too little too late, doing evasive maneuvers thru busy intersection using gears to slow me down...driving in the rain without a headlight at night far from home, improvising with a duct taped flashlight in front, being driven off the road by a large truck who passed and then changed lanes not seeing me...:newsmile03:
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  8. dangerdan

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    Oh yah, during motorcycle training. I locked the front brake, went over the handle bar and the bike landed on top of me. I broke my shoulder and thumb.
  9. dangerdan

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    No tape. The only cool thing was when I went into shock. As I was looking into the sky it turned from blue to red and then white as I passed out. Thats was interesting.

    06BLACKGLIDE Member

    I haven't laid my bike down yet and hope not to, especially since I had an ankle fusion done and afraid with my luck I'd ruin my leg and never be able to ride again. I just try and stay in my comfort zone and have fun