Drinking and Riding,,do you?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by dogdad, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. dogdad

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    I am new to the riding thing and made a promise to myself before I bought my bike ,I wouldn't drink alcohol while riding my bike. I will keep this promise for many reasons.
    Every Wednesday here in the New Orleans area , there are a lot of places that have the "bike nights". At one of the more popular spots, there are as many as 1200 bikes parked in many lines,,all close together. I see so much drinking and it just makes me wonder when someone will make the mistake of dropping their bike or just hitting another bike, creating the "domino effect". I have seen bikes bumped..and I have seen bikes dropped because of gravel,,just wasn't next to someone else's bike (wow)..
    I don't drive my bike to these bike night events because of the above, and yes it takes some fun out of it,, but then again I don't have to worry either about the other bike next to me. So do you drink when riding?
  2. Clint

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    I made a promise to myself and my wife that there'd be no drinking and riding.

    In my younger days it was different.

    The buddy I bought my Heritage from worked with me for over 20 yrs and lost his lisence and job over drinking and driving. He decided to sell the Heritage because the guys he ran with all drink and ride and it was too much of a temptation.
  3. gs34

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    In todays environment, with all you stand to lose, Anyone who drinks and rides/drives is a fool. Your life can change in less time than it is taking me to type this and the possibility exists that you could lose your life, or take someone elses.
    A few drinks is not worth taking that chance.
    Just my opinion, and worth what ya paid for it!
  4. STEVE07

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    When I was younger I did far too much drinking and riding.I'm glad that I'm still here today because the drinking takes any fears away and leaves you with one heck of a sense of false bravado.The combo makes you do some really stupid things. Now when we go out and I'm driving/riding I limit myself to two or three through the course of the night.I don't want my second childhood cut short!:D
  5. CHCS-Wrch

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    Nope, never drink and ride.
    I still go to all the "bike" events and just park away from everyone else. I don't really care what other folks do, but I will open my mouth if my friends attempt to ride after a few. They may get a little sore, but get over it when I offer to wait with them or take their bike home.
  6. krikket

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    I was just talking to an old timer about this like an hour ago. I managed to avoid drink and ride scenarios, but if the occasion were to come to pass, I'd use the same rules the state of Illinois driving safety school suggests if the situation arises. 1 drink (beer or shot) and wait 1 hour. Ever since I became a father, I try to avoid the potential situations unless ground rules are set. There's way too much at stake!!!
  7. cdn-bigfoot

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    I reduce my limit when riding to half of what my self imposed limit would be if I was driving. I keep my driving limit at half the legal limit (.04%). So at 2 or 3 beers I know I'm at around .02%.

    If I plan on drinking more I wouldn't ride there.
  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    As a general rule, I do not drink and ride. Had a couple beers after the Monster Dash at Biketoberfest spread over an hour or two and I could still feel a definite difference in my riding abilities going back to the hotel.
  9. drake

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    I will not drink and drive/ride. I've worked too many traffic accidents where alcohol was a factor. Have several friends who do drink but refrain when I ride with them because of me being in law enforcement. I've seen it ruin too many lives on both sides of the situation!
  10. woodman

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    Alot of smart riders. With experience comes wisdom. I limit myself to a beer . Love riding too much to die stupidly. A hotel room is alot cheaper than ....