Can you do a "full locked turn"?

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    I read on this forum where someone advised another person to practice slow riding maneuvers, friction zone, rear brake, etc. They said something about doing a full locked turn. Now to be honest here, I have an '03 Ultra and I CAN'T do that. Maybe I'm afraid of dumping it, I don't know but if anyone can do that maneuver on a big touring bike you have my admiration.
    Any tips on how I can master that other than practice, practice, practice? :D
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    practice practice practice practice practice:D
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    The police demonstration teams do it all the time. They will even grind back the steering locks so that they can turn tighter. Your right they get a lot of admiration for their abilities. But you have to remember, they don't pay to have those bikes repaired.
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    Man, oh man. I WISH I could do that. :52: I've been complaining steadily to my buds about my inability to accomplish this world-saving feat!

    I've definitely gotten better, and feel I'm getting (edit) close, but no cigar yet.

    There's definitely something to the advice of tilting the bike inwards (in the direction of the turn), and shifting your EDIT to the outside a bit, basically sitting on the outside edge of the seat. I find it easier to turn the bike tighter if I do that.

    Another thing I found that helps (esp with my long reach Road Glide) is to slide forwards in the seat a bit. This brings the bars closer, so that I don't have to lean as far with the outside hand when the bar is fully turned. It seems to provide better control and stability for me when I do that.


    Till lock time,


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    The most important thing to do when doing a turn like that is to look in the direction you are turning. If you watch a bike racer you will notice that as they come into a turn they are not looking straight ahead but in the direction of the turn. There is a thing called "Target Fixation" which means your bike will travel in whatever direction you are looking. The next most important thing to do is practice, parctice, practice. You can't master anything without it.
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    If I am 1 up I can make a U turn, most of the time, 2 up not so much. Most of it is confidence, I surely don't want to go down with the wife so I take more time. She has all the confidence in the world in me and is a the perfect passenger and i want to keep it that way! :D
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    Very true. In tight turns - you look down, you go down.
  8. Trek

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    I can't do it YET. I would like to be able to do slow maneuvers also, as most have said practice is the big key. I was watching video clips of a video called "Ride like a pro" by Jerry Palladino. It almost looks worth the cost to be able to ride like that. I think as the weather cools, so the bike doesn't get too hot, I will try those maneuvers in a parking lot before I buy the video.

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    Honestly, I do the turns lock to lock solo just fine, no I do not have a full size Ultra, but then I have only had my Sporty about a year and is my first Harley. And no I do not get enough practice on the bike with Coline on the back to do this on a regular basis. BUT since I am only a block or so away from a parking lot, I usually do a few left and right figure eights lock to lock just to keep me "fresh" before I go on my weekend rides solo or 2-up as a warmup, especially if it is at the beginning of the riding season.

    Yes, I have had to do tight turns w/ Coline on the back, lock to lock...but I made sure I did it smooth with weight on the outside peg, knee against the tank and did it without drama...make sure you tell your passenger early on when doing slow maneuvers to always be still, and keep sight line with my DOT sticker on back of my helmet. You do not want to scare the passenger, so smile to as you do these manuevers, keep mentally focused and look all the way around the turn, DO NOT look down. Use your friction zone on the clutch, keep the wheels moving and use ONLY the rear will be fine!
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    I was also fascinated with low speed control, and did buy the ‘Ride like a Pro’ video by Jerry Motorman Palladino. The three basic principals of friction zone, use of rear brake and head and eyes coordination are very well explained and illustrated. The video (I have PRO III, now PRO V is out) starts with basic beginner exercises and lead to U turns in the width of a 2 lane road, and includes demo with the HD Ultra. I bought the video first, then went practicing. The video is very reasonably priced, and imo, money well spent. I'm continuing working the exercises. Sample clips on (