5K/10K Service

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by quiticokid, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. quiticokid

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    MY QUESTION? When getting your 5000 or 10,000 mile inspections it would be neat to know what adjustments or problems that your dealer has told you about. This may give a lot of readers some insite on some things to look for.
  2. wagsrk08

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    Your lucky if the dealer even checks adjustments. I honestly believe the dealer only does a quick look over and only changes fluids @ 5000 & 10,000 mile service plus road test. This was my dealer experience before I started performing my own maintenance.
  3. biscuit

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    If you go to the self help section,or into the 'General Tips' section,type in"Service Check List & Recalls"

    This will bring up the mileage and service schedules for your bike.Look through that and you'll get an idea of what is supposed to be done at each service.

    It's a start at least.
  4. Iceman24

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    quiticokid; do yourself a favor & save some ca$h by getting your bike's service manual. It pays for itself the first time you service your own ride. Also, doesn't hurt to have all the specs so you can wrench things back together correctly. Cheers!
  5. trvlr

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    And I'm going to do just that Ice, get meself a service manual. I just paid the dealer around $675 for their "setup and checkout" fee on this Ultra I just purchased from them, that had 8142mi on the clock when I bought it..No way i'm taking this thing in 2k mi later and pay for another round of "who knows what you really get" as to a 10k servicing - only thing I'm not sure of is what that does to the factory warranty..
  6. ultrat

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    excellent direction....... keep receipts / for warranty
  7. Iceman24

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    ultrat covered it - keep the documents & your warranty will be good to go...:)
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Iceman has you covered here, all you need is your receipts to validate the work has been done. I have never gone back to the Stealers for any services except warranty work. I keep a log on my computer also so I can print out all my services if needed, Jack
  9. oldhippie

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    I'm too cheap to bring my bike to the dealer:D, that and they're inconvenient to get to being as I'm over an hour out of the city. Bought the service manual and do it myself. Makes me feel good to be that close to my "mistress":s.
    When the dealer does it, recheck your levels and fasteners. They have been known to overlook things if they get distracted (they're only human after all).
  10. Scrounger

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    I was sitting in a dealers service department while I was having a bike worked on. Not my Harley however. The dealer sold several imports but the HD service area had a real nice lounge and sweet chairs plus an open view to the service bays.

    I had two hours to kill so I bought a diet coke and a bike mag. I watched them to a 1000 service on a FLHX very closely to see what the 'pros' did so I could have a better idea of the flow of work for my own service that I planned to do myself.

    The service lasted about 70 minutes and the tech just changed the fluids and did a test ride. You can hear him yelling to the service manager that he had three more 1000 milers to finish before lunch. The 1000 mile service was $317 dollars. Four before LUNCH from one tech. LOTS of money from that little operation.

    I emailed the shop owner to ask him is all his service was done this way. Never heard back from them.