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    So. Monday I was riding to work. Took my normal route getting off the Beltway 8 Tollroad at Lee Rd / Vickery Dr as usual and rode to the 4 way stop at Vickery Dr. I stopped at the corner in the right-hand lane with a woman driving a black Suburban in the center lane (left hand lane is a left turn lane). We both arrived at the intersection at about the same time and waited for cross traffic. Vickery has a median with two traffic lanes on both sides of the median heading North and South respectively. When the intersection was clear, we both began to head straight across the intersection. We had just begun to roll when BAM!!!

    We were both struck from behind by a Toyota Corolla. From looking at the situation and the fact that he hit both of us at about the same time, my guess is that the kid was not paying attention to the road (like maybe he was texting or something). I suspect that he looked up in time to realize that he was rapidly approaching vehicles in the middle and right lanes and tried to steer between us. He was definitely NOT coming to a STOP at a four way marked intersection.

    Anyway, he mashed the left side of my '12 Ultra wiping out the saddle bag and saddle bag cage. The exhaust slip-on was pushed up against the rear wheel driven pulley. The bike was knocked over on its right side and skidded across both Northbound lanes of Vickery stopping when the front wheel hit the median curb. So lots of road rash on that side of the bike along with the significant destruction on the left side where the car hit the bike. He also hit me on the left hip / cheek with the right side quarter panel.

    I think since we had just started rolling ahead (both me and the SUV), my feet may just have been off the pavement but not yet back on the floorboards. When the car hit me, I think my feet landed back on the pavement dragging on the road and allowing the rear floorboards to mash into the back of my calves. A two inch gash was cut on the back of my left leg. My right leg was just badly bruised (as was my left).

    I got up a little shell shocked and checked to make sure the bike was off. Then I took off my helmet and jacket and started trying to figure out what in the heck (I may have used a different expression at the time) had happened! The lady's SUV had been knocked through the intersection. I started picking stuff up and helping pick up the bits and pieces. Police and ambulance seemed to be there. I refused the ambulance but gave my statement to the Police.

    I help the wrecker load my bike onto the flatbed, and he strapped it down. Got all the paperwork from the Police and wrecker driver and over heard the Cops issue the other driver a citation for "Failure to control vehicle speed" or something like that.

    One of the LEOs gave me a ride around the corner to my Office and a couple of co-workers took me to the Emergency Room at Northeast Memorial Hermann Hospital. Was there from about 11a until after 4p!!! CAT scan of head and neck, Xrays of both legs, hips and pelvis. Stitches (7) on the leg. And a tetanus shot.


    My bike is over at Kingwood HD for a repair estimate. Called my Ins. Co. (Safeco) to start a claim.

    Any way. Two strikes. Time to give up bikes?



    BTW - the pix of my hip / cheek is my left side, but I took it in the mirror.
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    Dang TQ sure glad your still up and operating. No one but you can decide when it's time to get off the bike.
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    Make him PAY! too many distracted drivers toay. Good Luck ,Heal fast
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    Wow...I hate to hear this. People in general today do not realize how they can not only ruin the lives of others, but theirs too by their 'oh so important life'. I am glad this wasn't more serious, but wow...took you both out. :(

    I'm glad you walked away again. :s
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    Thank God you weren't hurt too badly,you were certainly fortunate to basically walk away from that.But look at your baby!Down and hurt.And you take such good care of her.I wouldn't let any other person's inattentiveness determine my future riding happiness.Get back on asap!
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    OMG TQ, you are a very lucky man to have not been hurt worse, sorry to hear your week started out this way. Hope you heal up fast.

    I had the same thoughts when I had my accident, but as time passed, I was longing to get back in the saddle. I suppose what helped me most was taking short, familiar, rides until I was over it. Since this is your second time only you will know. Good luck and again, I hope you heal up fast.
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    So sorry to hear of your accident TQ. Hope the idiot that hit you has to walk for a few years. You're certainly going to be sore for a few weeks.

    I hated to see the pictures of your baby, quite a mess. I'm guessing it won't be a rite-off unless the frame is bent. Only you can decide if you're done riding but I hope a dumb idiot that made stupid decisions chases you off motorcycles.
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    Glad that you are mostly ok. Your leg :cry matches my Black Cherry E.G.
    If the top tab of your engine guard ripped the bolt hole, the bike will probably be totaled (cost of a new frame, + R & R exceeds book value).
    As much as I love to ride, I don't ride in commuter traffic if I don't have to.
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    TQ - I am really sorry (mad) to hear this!. Glad you are no worse than you are. It could always have been worse. I pray to God for mercy on you and a speedy and full recovery and soon!

    NOW - (shaking my head) this stupid texting while driving has GOT TO STOP!!!

    I say - one strike and you're out! Driving license revoked for at least 5 years period. it's time to put texting while driving to an end!!

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    Glad you weren't hurt to bad. Fast recovery for you too buddy.