Unwritten Rules for Group Riding

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by Gilligan, Sep 26, 2009.

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    I've not done a lot of group rides, but on the few I have done I've observed a few tactics, or practices that seem to make the ride safer. Like staggered lines, a foot off the peg to indicate roadkill ahead, etc. But nobody has ever explained to me what these little signals mean. Are there more? What does your group do to insure safety and to communicate on the road? "Two wheels, two beers"?
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    Excellent! Thanks.
    I knew that one.. "ticked off" I think it was. The "two wheels, two beers (then coke)" is my own rule for when I go with my (wild hogs)pals.. until we're parked for the night. You need to be more alert than normal to ride safely and the last thing you need is dulled senses and slow reactions.
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    Yep use most of those now even the last one a few times.
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    I know the last one is a universal signal, but here in Fl. the cops will stop you and give you a ticket for agressive driving, or obcene hand signal, (happened to a buddy of mine). I've got an alternative and it does get the same kind of attention but so far no ticket. Raise your right hand palm forward with index finger raised, quickly rotate your arm so that your palm faces you. My wife taught it to me, guess how, and I now use it and call it the Kat wave (after my wife, Kathleen). Maybe it can become a universal signal only bikers know.
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    I'm not sure doing coke after two beers is such a good idea....:D

    Sorry, couldn't resist that one!
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    Left the front door wide open for ya on that one Prof! Good one.
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    Re: New riders, one post says close to the front and the other says close to the rear. I've always learned to place new riders close to the rear but in front of the tail gunner.

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    Yep... For new riders.. At the first stop sign/stop light.. You go left, I go right!

    Sorry, but I don't ride with "new riders". Just my personal preference. I did the whole new rider orientation thing when I was a HOG member. Was a road captain and a mentor..

    But, when I did ride with "new riders", we always but them in the back. Reasons: Lack of confidence, longer than normal riding intervals, the nervous Nellie Effect (many of these riders are so nervous that if you have more than one or two in a group, it becomes contagious, causing it to spread from new rider to new rider :small3d007:), new riders trying to time stop light causing large gaps in the group. Those are just a few.

    As for the unwritten rules for riding with a group of folks I know..

    • Don't assume I know were we are going, unless it's to a motorcycle race.
    • If I'm going too fast for you, I'll know because your image will get smaller in my mirrors.
    • Always stop for gas, before you run out.
    • "Turn the gas on" before you ride away. This means you. (well me, if I'm riding any of my Harley's)
    • When riding in a group, if you are going to "throw out the anchor" when the light turns yellow, let the folks behind you know BEFORE you do it. Or ride at the back of the group. This will prevent a "meeting of the minds" at the next gas stop.
    • Just because I'm riding an Itailian V-Twin (or any non Harley) that day doesn't mean I'll be riding at the back of the group.
    • Shovelheads should always ride together in a group. They make wonderful sounds. Besides, they are the only bike that Halrey gave a soul. Thanks AMF!
    • If you right hand is very twitchie, like mine gets some days, advise other in your group, before you get to the twisties, that there will be some "shredding going on". Keep up at your own risk.
    • Ride 'em like you stole 'em only if the group agrees before hand. Otherwise see last rule.