Ride or Trailer to Sturgis?

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  1. Merlynn

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    Been thinking about Sturgis for a few years and decided next year is it. The question is should I ride to Sturgis or freight the bike and fly so as to have more time to ride when I get there?

    I cringe every time I'm riding to a rally and see bikes on trailers, just seems wrong somehow. I also want to proudly wear one of those "I rode mine" Sturgis patches. And I have the ultimate machine to make the trip. Flying in and having the bike shipped just seems ultimately lame to me.

    On the other hand I live in South Florida, that's one heck of a trip just to get there. Pretty much made up my mind already but curious how you folks feel about the trade off of riding there and getting the whole experience versus trailering or flying while having the bike shipped to enjoy more time at the event.
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    I'm taking the RV to a buddy's house about 50 miles from the rally. He's got 3 bikes in his stable, he's going to let me use one for crusing, when we go to party the bikes will stay at his place. I know kind of sacrilegious but I won't drink and ride and where's the fun in going if you can't party a little. The gals will drop us off and pick us up. To (Edit) many cops anyway. This will be the third year we did Sturgis this way.

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  3. walleye

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    Ride it. Once your there you won't be riding much. You can but it is no fun as there is too much traffic. I suggest going there when the rally is over if you want to ride. I have been there during and after. During is great for hanging, after is great for riding.

    Remember, people who trailer from Florida can't wear the "I Rode Mine Patch" but people who ride from Rapid Cty (20 miles) can. :s
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  4. STEVE07

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    Ride it. As Lew said arrange things so you can take a couple extra days and enjoy,when my wife and I do a road trip sometimes we do 300miles in a day,sometimes 800. just depends what catches our eyes on the way,but I leave a 3 day window for that kind of thing.
  5. Fossil

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    You have to ride there once. My best riding bud and I rode there, he from Gainesville and me from Mary Esther. We sight see on our way up and back. We never had a day at Sturgis under a hundred miles. I don't set in bars as they all look alike. An alternative is to ship your bike by Am Trak Car Train out of Orlando. You furnish and do the tie downs and have a nice train ride up to Virginia. You can also come back that way. Fossil
  6. Bubbaglide

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    If physically capable....why would you trailer? Did you buy it to ride or for it to ride on a trailer? It's a motorcycle...ride it. If it's broke trailer it until yo can ride it. again assuming you have no physical reason for not riding it. Many times the ride to and from is better than the event anyway. Not flaming you...just saying


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    I am going play devil's advocate to Walleye. I rode daily while in Sturgis. So much to see; Mount Rushmore, Crazy Hores, Devils Tower, Bad Lands, Wall Drug, etc....

    My wife and I rode and it was the greatest adventure we have had. A friend trailered and he is still regretting it. He is going to ride this year, and no we didn't badger him. TOO MUCH. We took the back roads the whole way there, camped wherever. You will want to hit the bars too and check out that scene too.
  8. walleye

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    I am with ya USMCCW05,
    Like my post started, I said ride it. You are correct in that there is fantasitic riding such as you mentioned. My point is it is much more enjoyable after all the traffic is gone. Much more peaceful and relaxing. I have did it both ways and you can't lose either way. Bottom line is rather you go before, during, or after the ride there is worth it.:s
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  9. SpringerSteve98

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    I'm not a fan of "trailer trash" Ride it like you stole it!!!
  10. Skratch

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    It's not the destination.....

    Oh, you all know the rest!! :s