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    Will a bike run OK with just the dealer download without doing any damage or running too hot? Most people, the ones I know anyway, could care less about squeezing every last ounce of HP out of their engines. They just want the bike to run OK, sound better, and not be hurting the life expectancy of the engine. I believe the simple download/flash/ whatever you want to call it, does that. If someone believes the simple download is hurting my engine (and I know lots of guys who've told me just that), show me some damage done from not installing a tuner, or having it dyno'ed. If you can prove to me I'm hurting my bike by not installing a tuner and dyno-ing it, I'll be the first in line to fix that. But I see no evidence of it. Show me some, and I'll gladly get a tuner. I'm not talking about improved HP numbers either, I'm talking about damage to my engine and shortening it's life. So far, I've seen a lot of high mileage bikes with just the download, and they've had no problems at all. I have two friends with high mileage touring bikes (Streetglide with 70,000+ miles, and ElectraGlide with 55,000+ miles), that get ridden in all kinds of weather, two up 99% of the time, 75-80 mph on the interstates for hours on end, up mountains, down valleys, in the cold, in the heat, in the rain, and a few times even in the snow, in all kinds of conditions, and their bikes still run like new. Sounds to me like the simple download works.

    I just get tired of hearing people say/post that--------->"that download is a waste of money, you're gonna ruin your bike just running that, what a ripoff, you're leaving a lot of HP on the table, you're still running lean, you're gonna shorten the life of your engine, it does nothing for your bike, get some Xieds, etc." <-----Those things get said DAILY by so many people that I've lost count. Seems to be just the opposite in the real world.
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    2 ways to look at this. Leaving the bike completely stock will give you no headaches with the dealer if the thing grenades( not likely). Adding something as simple as a Nightrider will cool the thing down and run a lot cooler. I run a nightrider on my 2011 FLHR and could not be happier with it( 18K ). My brothers 2013 FLHR is bone stock and I wouldn't change a thing on it( I have possession of his bike while he works overseas and am maintaining it, putting miles on it). Even with the cat still in his pipes it isn't hot. You're gonna get a bunch of different opinions on this .......
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    My 08 EG is bone stock with 25,000 miles and except IPB I have decided to leave stock and put all my money in the tank. My last bike had some serious modification and was a very cool bike. Maybe with age is the reason I have made no mods to this Harley and have enjoyed every mile to boot....
    Its all a personal choice.
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    Simple answer is it's your scoot do or not do whatever you want, ride it and quit reading and listening to what others have to say. Performance is in the eye's of the beholder and isn't for everyone.:s

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    The PROBLEM using the HD download is EPA not HD... The EPA will NOT allow the NEEDED amount of extra fuel to cool the motor. ESPECIALLY with Modifications.

    You are doing your bike a BIG favor IF you use another type fueler.

    I use one that Does Most needed. It Totally can be adjusted to run the bike at it's best and be set for a little Lean at cruise speeds to get great mileage...

    My ride is a 103" built from a 96" 09 FLHR. Using Blueprinted Heads from Don Dorfman, Kirby, bored my seasoned cylinders and fitted pistons/rings by Kirby of prodrag1320.

    I put it together Fresh using new SE255 cams/bearings, SE clutch spring and the other things on it before: like SE air, V&H exhaust mufflers both sides...

    Using a SE Pro Off Road Tuner. Properly tunned......... (another good one is the TTS)

    Would I use a HD DownLoad? NO... The only positive thing about it is the Increase of the Top RPM's. and a little more fuel at WOT...

    So I guess I fit in the Paragraph with the others you don't like to listen to...

    Most of us WHO BUILD our Own (many over the years and some Daily), using good tuners that also adjust timing along with the fuel, having Great Results doing so Probably would Not do the HD download.

    IF that is what you believe to do and like, BY All Means do so.

    BUT don't get after members and others like me that KNOW and only concerned about your ride... WE are paid Big Health wages here :newsmile047: to give you answers that WE believe will help out the members to get MORE out of their rides.

    No I'm not angry taking MY time to answer your post..... Just a little disappointed in your Beliefs.

    PLEASE, WE (many here) have had many bikes/builds and Pride ourselves in Giving Freely, Good Information to help members out.


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    The OP never really addresses whether he's talking about doing the download after installing pipes and air cleaner - in other words, the first two steps of the Stage I. I'm kind of assuming that's what he's talking about and he's asking about doing the download to finish up the Stage I instead of adding an actual tuner.

    If that's the case, I understand what Bubbie is saying overall but I disagree with his quoted statement above. If you put freer flowing pipes and air cleaner on your bike, it's running even leaner than when it was stock. The dealer download returns the bike to the stock AFR which is a very good thing compared to doing nothing and riding it ultra leaned out and hot.

    If you can afford it and care to add a tuner and a dyno run, there's no denying it'll add some power and cool your motor down. But that avenue isn't for everyone. To answer the OP's question - the dealer download as the final step of a Stage I upgrade is perfectly acceptable and won't damage your engine. You can do much better if you have different goals and a bit of money in your checking account, though.
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    IMO, I would opt for a better(more expensive) tuner with timing adjustments. Dr is correct the dealer download will not hurt your bike, but will keep it EPA compliant still to lean IMO
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    In order for anyone to answer the OP's question with any amount of certainty we'll have to know what work if any has been done. IF he's running a completely stock engine a download from the dealer is a waste of time and money. JMHO.
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    Yes..I'm talking slipons, air filter, and download. Simple Stage One.
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    In that case if it were mine I'd skip the download and definitely go with a fueler.