Please i need mechanical help!!!!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Rhys, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Rhys

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    I have a 07 roadking with a 103, ran fine with no problems. Installed a gen3 dobek programmer and went for a ride. After about 30 miles I started to hear a "CHH-CHH-CHH-CHH" sound running in sync with the rear cylinder exhaughst, and a small pop when you are accelerating- but runs ok if you run alittle over speed limit. When I got it home and inspected the bike I used a stethiscope and found that the chh-chh-chh noise was comming from the rear cylinder crome pan that is on top of the jug. Its like its leaking air from the rear part of it, ther are no motor noise just a air sounding leak that smells like exhaust. Can anyone help me with what this would be? I know the valves are under that pan but like I said, I dont have any motor noise and the bike isnt running bad-misses-stalls, just a small,quiet pop on the roll of the throttle. So what could be leaking exhaust fumes from that rocker pan, I thought it would leak oil. I need help, I have been run up a tree with this bike and could use some good advice and knoldge.
  2. Iceman24

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    Is the exhaust "stock" or "aftermarket?" Sounds like you might have a exhaust leak - check the flange bolts on rear cyl & make sure both are in place + tight to proper torque spec.
  3. Bodeen

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    Sure its not an exhaust leak coming right from the head? Where the exhaust header connects? Seems like it to me. The exhaust could be shooting out and toward the valve cover.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Sure sounds like an exhaust leak. Check to be sure the stock nuts did not fall off, if they did replace them with lock washers new nuts and torque to 10 ft lbs
  5. jimharvey1

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    Sounds to me like a compression release stuck open on the back cylinder,
  6. Rhys

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    Thanks Everyone, I will answer all of the questions. The bike is the police model, I have installed a set of aftermarket duals to the roadking. I have checked the exhaust pipe flange bolts for a leak and it truly is comming directly above the rear header pipe but from the rocker pan. I can use a piece of hose to my ear and thats the area, weird right. I dont know if the police models have compression release, and if it did how to unstick it. Thanks guys keep it commin, Im ready to ride
  7. patrickcarr

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    i am a county police officer and no they do not have compression release valves.
  8. wannaride

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    Has the way it is running any worse? Or is it just the noise? With the tube, does it sound like air excaping or just the noise?

  9. Rhys

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    It sounds like air ecscaping with a exhaust smell, it dosnt run bad but has a hesitation at crusing speed around 50 to 55, but will come out of it at around 65 to 70, also has a quiet pop when you very lightly roll into or out of the throttle while riding but dosnt pop when out of gear or no load is put on it like while riding. I did just istall the dobek gen3 programmer and was on a short ride when it started, I pulled over and looked at it. I could hear the noise and could tell wich area it was at. I took it easy on the 30 minute trip home untill I seen that it ran better a a little higher rpms and mph. It kinda runs like a vacume leak on a car, but it is pushing out fumes and not sucking in air. Please continue to help I will be checking comment evey day with a response until it is fixed or a for shure problem is found. Thanks everyone.
  10. tyre

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    Can you switch off the tuner .then go for a ride & see.
    With mine all I do is disconnect the ground . I put a switch in there .