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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by pfschmidt, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. pfschmidt

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    Picked up my new 2010 UC yesterday, 4 miles on her then not now..whoa ya... from 97 dyna forward controls to upright seated position UC. Got a couple of questions?

    the windshiled : I almost look over it ducking down I look thru but view slightly distorted...should I replace with shortie or cut this one? and how far? I do like the benefit of less wind resistance on me.

    Stock seat: nice but seems to move me (I'm 6"1) forward dealer suggested Tallboy seat replacement, I had badlander on my dyna any opinions?

    Plan on quick release for tourpak with antenna relocated to fairing, do I lose much reception?

    There are also a lot of differing options on break-in, with dyna rebuild I did varying speed for first 500 miles and then it was awsome. I plan on doing same for UC (long life and better power in long run I understand)

    Thanks for help, great site, I just found it.

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    Hi Pete; Boy are you gonna be busy! Between putting miles on the new scooter and reading up on the detailed answers to almost all of your questions on this forum. At the top of page see "self help tips" and "search". You will find lots of info, spend some time, then you can make good decisions about purchases. This is a great site, I'm pretty new here and have found it to be friendly and informative with lots of good information.
    Breeze (Pete)
  3. RetiredJake

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    Windsheld: Don't cut your current windshield. There are a lot of options out there for shorter windshields, from stock shapes to extreme recurves. Search for windshields on this site and look at what people have to say about the various types. Then pick one and try it. If you don't like them, you still have your stock unit to put back on. Once you know what you like and what height is best for you, cut down your stock shield if you want to.

    There are extensive discussions on engine breakin, again do a search.

    I will let the experts respond to your other questions.

    Congrats on the new ride.
  4. jerrybombard

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    You are supposed to be looking OVER the top. At the dealers the other day, I noticed they had a windhield in the office that had markings (looked proffesional) for the different heights/widths. I guess you mounted it your bike and gave it a try?..maybe go for a ride with it? Maybe your dealer has the same?
    Congrats on the new bike, I envy you.
  5. billnapabill

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    Careful on the seat bud. Harley designed the Electra Glide as a Two-up Touring bike. That "forward" position you ride in gives your passenger a couple of extra inches of room. If you plan on hauln' a passenger around, of any size, do yer homework. Also applies to the docking kit for the Tour Pac. You can make her misrable or happy.
    I had a Dakota Digital hidden antenna on my last Glide.......might as well of stuck my finger in the air, nothing works like the stock ones, you can find some nice SS shorter ones though they seem to "walk off" (get taken).
  6. IR Rick

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    Why would what to take the antenna off or hide them, that was the only resonan i bought the bikes
  7. AusRider

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    General thoughts on windshields is that "nose height" is about right to protect from wind buffeting and allow you to see over the top to keep distortion/rain/etc from ubstructing your view of the road.

  8. maine-e-axe

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    Do the seat first, it changes your height to the windsheild, I like looking about 2" above the windsheild, the wind still goes over your head. Ride it hard, enjoy:D
  9. mingo

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    Please let us know if there's an excessive amount of heat coming off the catalytic converter where the 2 header pipes join.. There's a thread griping about the excessive heat on 2010 model.
  10. pipereefer

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    hey pete, I have 08 uc, I'm 6'-1" also. bought a tall boy seat right away and it got me thru a year. Now I'm having the stock seat customized to move me back 1&3/4" and memory foam added to rider and passenger along with a little custom stitching for $350. the tall boy was $300 and seems to lower a little and back about 2". OK for a while but not for long trips. not much back support/little bucket if you can call it that and tends to push you forward- just my opinion. Look up "Meancycle" lots of custom options. Pat