MC Cop Cut Me Some Slack

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by SoonerSoftail, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. SoonerSoftail

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    Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon on the freeway. There were very few cars for a stretch so I opened her up to a little over 80 to hear/feel my new cams. In a 65. And then there was a MC cop well hidden behind a bridge pillar. With his radar gun pointed right at me. All he did was raise his helmet in a nod as a rode by. I really appreciated it.
  2. Cyclops

    Cyclops Active Member

    Good for you & Good for him! :57:
  3. doc_63

    doc_63 Active Member

    How sweet it is...:D:D
  4. trvlr

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    I was told by a buddy of a LEO, that they most times will give you up to double digits on the interstate. You start pushing 10+ over the speed limit is when you get their attention. As I've said before, it takes a m/c rider to appreciate another m/c rider. Nice of him to cut you a break.
  5. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    Its great he just waved you on. I would imagine if you hit a ton he probably would have given chase.
    So how are those new cams????
  6. craig Lee

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    Glad you got the nod instead of lights. :D Mz Bling and I got pulled over on both bikes on Thanksgiving for taking a left turn on a red arrow. We waited through two sets of lights that the bikes didn't trigger. The officer was cool and let us go. We've both also been pulled over by a motor (Kawasaki) for 48 in a 35. He also let us go. I think the main thing is Respect and "YES SIR" when pulled over. We ride with with active and retired motors. They're just like us.:D
  7. trvlr

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    Craig - a trick an old goldwinger taught me, which works nearly every time - is put your kickstand down when you're stopped. I keep my bike in gear, stand down and keep my foot on the stand peg to kick it back up when the light turns. Honestly it works more times than it doesn't...for me :D
  8. fisherman124

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    glad he let u go

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I have a sheriff friend to ride with.. After his NEW street glide was broken in, HE opened it up a little on a Country two lane,,,, pulling away from me...... I figured He MUST be at least 80+ in a 60 zone(his area when on duty)....

    Noticed that "Black Grill" coming toward him..... Thinking it was all over for him,,,,,,, The state trooper went by Both of us and kept going with out noticing ONE of us was going too fast..

    I did notice my buddy backing off Immediately and looking into his mirror....

    I Saw the SWEAT Drops from him on my wind screen.....

    Nothing else was said but "that was sure Dumb of Me!"... Pheeeew! :small3d007:

    a Cop getting stopped by another Cop is BAD News..

    Just goes to prove WE ALL take a chance once in a while..

    I don't ever mention this to him as he has kept within the 6/10 rule since then...

  10. TQuentin1

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    As said above, being polite goes a very LONG way. Having all your stuff up-to-date (license/registration, insurance, inspection) is obviously important. And having a CHL or CCW seems to carry a bunch of weight with most of the beat guys. I guess they figure if you can make it through the FBI scrub, probably OK. I have walked on 6 of the last 7 stops. The one was for expired registration, and that came up on the radio, so he had to do that. I also had a County Mounty cage driver pull me over after cruising the left turn red light. He had a bike so he knew the problem. Gave me a warning, but said I could pitch it at the gas station up the road ("please don't litter").