Is anyone planning a road trip for next year?

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by flipper, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. flipper

    flipper Account Removed

    Just curious about what kind of plans may be in the works for relatively big trips next year. I'm sure Daytona and Sturgis may be on the list for many. Where else are plans being considered for rides?
  2. Keithhu

    Keithhu Active Member

    Sturgis bound for sure. Probably one or two trips to northern Michigan and Wisconsin.
  3. R. Lewis

    R. Lewis Senior Member Retired Moderators

    I suggest we, all 50k + of us , go to Steve07's place for a week!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  4. oldhippie

    oldhippie Senior Member

    Plans?? You mean it helps if you plan those things?:newsmile100:

    So far the "plan" is to hop on the bike and ride out to Edmonton to meet up with friends (we met this summer while riding in Washington) for a quick 8 day ride.
    Then take my wife's parents in the truck out to P.E.I. and the rest of the Atlantic provinces since they've never been to eastern Canada before. They're in their 70's so that trip'll give my wife extra time to spend with them while they can still travel.

    If that idea falls through, I'm kinda lookin' at riding down to do the Natchez Trace ride as a strong possibility.
  5. TripleJ

    TripleJ Senior Member

    Count me in! :D

    I am seriously thinking about taking a trip starting here in Texas to the west coast then up to see my youngest brother in Washington State and possibly make a detour north of the border to meet Steve07 and Geezer if time permits. From there I would head to my next youngest brothers place in Wisconsin and then on to visit my mother and (2) sisters that all live in Maryland hoping to meet up with JBC2565 while in the area as well.

    From there I would have one more brother left to see in Connecticut and maybe make a run for gliders place for one of them pork chops he likes to hand out. From there it would be down to Camp LeJeune North Carolina to ride with my son who is stationed there. Being that close to Florida I would have to head south to see Jack Klarich and possibly meet up with Redfish Joe when passing through Louisiana headed back to TX.

    Of course this would be the ideal trip if I had enough free time to make it happen in one trip but in reality it would be a stretch. But hey, a guys has to have a goal right? :s
  6. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    Maybe Denver area and up to the Black Hills for a few weeks.
  7. fin_676

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    I have not yet been informed of where my summer trip will be for next year i really do not care where it is to i just enjoy it
    However this last summer we stayed in the UK and had really bad weather and some of wifes family are getting close to their final years so at this point in time i am guessing Germany but the route there and back may be affected by other requirements
    So i will get the bikes ready and deal will the rest when i have been given the final plan

  8. Bob Kennedy

    Bob Kennedy Member

    I'm planning a trip with a couple of friends through Austria, Switzerland, and France.
  9. mc2

    mc2 Active Member Contributor

    If the lay off does happen, & I expect it will, I'll do what I do. Ride I'll be off to make the trip around the crown of VN. From Saigon to Hanoi, Dien Bien Phu, Sapa, Mong Cai and back again. Already been from China border to southern most town. This will complete the 1st HD on all major hiways & many biways and lots of tri-ways too!

    If time continues I will have to see about border crossing across to Thailand & beyond.
  10. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    My buddy in Melbourne, FL is coming to my house in early May, then we plan to be off for two weeks to the New England states, coastal up to N. Maine then ziggy zag the border back to Niagara Falls. Couple of days extra built in for weather or whatever. My only task is to keep him from over scheduling daily miles/destinations.