i guess its time to quit smoking

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by hippie13, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. hippie13

    hippie13 Active Member

    my old lady 'insists' lol and ya i know its a nasty habit and bad for your health but that doesnt make it any easyer. even the price hasn't made me stop yet, tho i tell myself that money could go to a much better use lol like chrome ;-)
    anybody out there figure out how to quit lol what worked for you? any advice is greatly apreciated.
    thanks from me AND my old lady lol
  2. wildspirit97

    wildspirit97 Senior Member

    I bought a gallon of whiskey, and every time I felt the urge, I'd take a shot. :D after awhile you get drunk and pass out. It might make you an alcoholic, but at least you won't be smoking :bigsmiley28:.

    But seriously, all it takes is "will POWER", and just remember you could always light up again if you wanted to,......?But why?? GOOD LUCK TO YA!!
  3. harley@16

    harley@16 Junior Member

    All drinking did for me was make it harder to quit!:newsmile030:
  4. STEVE07

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    If you truly want to quit you will,but it really doesn't sound like you are ready and until you are there is no point in anyone telling you to quit.
    I don't know about anyone else but I can ride until the tank is empty and never think about having a smoke,but as soon as I stop I just have to have one.:small3d007:
  5. sanec1

    sanec1 Active Member

    The "patch" worked for me, but I had a strong desire to quit. Recently I quit smoking cigars. It was costing about $300 a month. I see that as a whole lot of chrome. Now if I could just get the gf to quit.
  6. walleye

    walleye Junior Member Contributor

    Thank God I never started. Good luck. And by the way, your ol lady is right. nasty and expensive habit. It's not even cool anymore. LOL!
  7. 03classic

    03classic Junior Member

    Yes I know the feeling although my vice is cigars.My wife thinks I need to quit.But after a hard week at work or a long ride it really relaxes me.
  8. glenalt

    glenalt Junior Member

    I never got into that. Blessings on ya. Stick with it you will make it.
  9. jaceddie

    jaceddie Junior Member

    I smoked a lot of years and quit many times. The last time (1982), everytime I wanted a cig, I worked out. Mainly racquetball and running at the YMCA. After working out, I didn't want a smoke. And boy, I got to tell you, I was in good shape to boot. It's a hard habit to break and I wish you luck. Even after two years, I was working in my garage and found myself feeling in my shirt pocket for my cigs. Didn't want one, just an old habit coming back.:small3d007:
  10. Gilligan

    Gilligan Member

    August 18th was the one year anniversary of my kicking the habit. I did it using Chantix. I used the prescription for three months before going without it. I had "tried" so many times before that I knew to stay away from that "first" cigarette or I'd be back on them like I never quit. Well, I had that one in January, and it tasted awful. I threw it away that was it. Chantix has a great support system in addition to the drug to keep you focused on your goal. That helps you to identify yourself as a person, not a "smoker". I had been smoking a pack a day for years, now my breath smells better, My clothes and car don't smell like an ashtray. I have cash in my pocket, my wind is back, my teeth are white, and I can climb the stairs without sucking wind. Keep trying to quit, it's worth the effort. I quit several times before succeeding, the best was about 6 months. Good luck, eventually you will decide that you're done!