Harley Bashers and their motives

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    Harley Bashers and their motives

    There are about 8 bike riders here at work. Out of those, 3 of us own Harleys.
    I’m the newest of the Harley owners here at work. I’ve been riding all my life and have had everything from a Honda 125 to a Kawasaki Voyager 1700 and a Goldwing GL 1800.
    One of the HD riders here has stated that he wants to join the Class Action Law suite against HD because of the bike being too hot. I stated that the Voyager was a lot hotter than my HD. All of this is being stirred up be one guy here that really hates HD. He has a bike and a trike but never rides them. He seem like he's just stirrering the poop to get a reaction. When ever I would ride with HD riders there was always one or 2 guys that would mess with me about my metric ride (mostly when I was on the Wing). Now that I’m on a HD it seems there really is some true animosity toward HD bikes. I’m not sure where it comes from but I’ve (almost) always loved anything on 2 wheels. Remember the guy I mentioned 1 guy here at work that hates HD’s? He thinks that HD rides are sub intelligent, riding an antiquated (EDIT) poorly designed that will break down at any given moment. I tried to mention the numerous recalls the Honda had on the GW (cracked frames ECT.). He interrupted me dismissing what I said as his voice grew louder to over ride my comments. I also tried to explain how hot my Voyager was in comparison to the HD. It was like I was talking to a hammer. Where does the animosity come from to Bash HD’s whit such gusto and what is their true motive?

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    Tell your co-worker that this is not the 1970's and AMF doesn't own HD anymore.

    Also might want to tell him that you can always change bikes, but stupid is forever :p
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    Whatever the subject, whether it's motorcycles, guns, cars (take your pick), when I run into these types I usually just walk away and exercise my right to ignore them and find better company to associate with. If you can't reason with them I see no reason to try........
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    Confucius say "Be careful arguing with crazy man. People from a far difficult to tell who is who". :D
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    evedently this person either cannot afford aharley or just dosnt have the class (or the (EDIT) ) to ride with class. I have ridden with all classes of bikers , clean professionals, hard working everyday joe, and the ( rough shod hardcore bikers) and in my book they all have one thing in common (2 wheels state of mind) just set back and watch this person from afar and you will see he is not of that mindset. and you will probably find hes not worth messing with . jmho!!

    Please read this...
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    As Ron White says "You can't fix stupid". State your opinion and be done with it. If you keep going, the loudmouth might physical, not good at work.
    If the loudmouth persists, go to management.
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    Here is the answer i use to comments like these ...

    You ride your metric, they are great bikes ... but i will keep my Harley and pick up all the women
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    People bash other people and what they own because it makes them feel better about themselves.
    They are usually trying to hide a feeling of inferiority.
    "Yours is junk; therefore mine is good."
    It is a sad, sad behavior.
    I avoid people like that like the plague.
    They can ruin a good time faster than anything.
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    Opinions -- you know what they say about em'!!!!!
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    Run what you brung Without AMF Harley would not have the Evo, or a 5 speed let alone the Twin cam and 6 speed. That said, cant all who ride get along?