Group Rides or Solo?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by ksboy, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. ksboy

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    Most of my rides are solo and after today, my confirmed preference.
    I was invited to go to a rally with some other guys (all but one ride regularly together). Ends up being a foggy morning so only 2 of the regulars, along with myself and another newbie to the group show. I knew there might issues when out of the gate (and from every stop there after) these guys throttled through the gears as fast as they could. Now my 'ol girl eventually gets up to speed, but tearing it up from a stop is not one of her strong suits.
    One of the guys behind me whips around me and weaves around another rider (all in the same lane). I don't like that.
    I like cruising the highway between 55-65 MPH, depending. As I reached 72 and these guys were still pulling away, I decided 70 was it and I could make the trip alone. A few miles into it they slowed and I caught up, but the whole trip was a game of them pulling away and slowing down (for me I figured). Before coming back I tell them I'm going to take it easy on the way home so if they want to go ahead without me, to do it.
    One mile out from the rally, they stop in the middle of the highway and almost cause a wreck (a lot of bike traffic). Turns out one of them had to use the bathroom, so they had to figure this out while stopped on the highway-UGH! The rest of the trip they stayed way ahead of me on the flats and I would catch up on the curves.
    There were other things I could add, but... It just wasn't the relaxing ride I had looked forward too.
    On the upside, there were a lot of neat bikes to slobber over and I made it back home safe.
    Do you guys prefer to ride in groups or solo?
  2. Clint

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    I don't ride to be social.

    My wife and I ride by ourselves 2-up.
  3. glider

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  4. JPHOG

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    Sounds like you and i ride alot alike,I have done some group riding and i dont mind if they ride safe.We have a dealer ride once a month and there is a safty meeting before we leave the parking lot.
  5. ksboy

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    Sorry to rehash a covered topic Glider. Good read.
  6. kemo

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    I have certian people I ride with. I don't like charity rides. I don't like riding with people that I don't know their skill levels and riding styles. I like to stop for a coffee or an ice cream or whatever on my schedule.
  7. Rewind

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    I don't do alot of big group rides but do ride with 8-10 bikes from time to time. We've ridden a good bit together and have a simular riding style so it works for me. But the best riding is either solo or with maybe 1 or 2 good riding buddy's.
  8. sharpscuba

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    I do enjoy small groups but there is nothing better than riding with my Brother. He and I are as one on our scoots.
  9. LIRider

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    Being a club member, I ride with a group, but also solo and with my GF by my side. A little fo each, although I like it best when it is just the GF and me and our bikes. Nothing wrong with group riding if you are all familiar with each other and there is some organization. Sounds like you were riding with a bunch of idiots that turned you off to it.
    Oh, and forget about parade runs, I stay away from them.
  10. Elmosac

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    I like riding with groups better than solo, but I have a good group to ride with and we have had as many as 75 show up for a group ride. We do a pre-ride briefing and lay down the law for everyone's safety. We still have plenty of fun.

    I just got home from a trip today, I rode 800 miles today solo and surely would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had a couple more bikes with me.

    It is also safer to be in a group than solo in my book, cages seem to see 10 bikes better than 1.