Flat rear tire + Crash + H.O.G. Roadside Assistance = Bad Day

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Vibratinharley, May 24, 2008.

  1. Vibratinharley

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    I had a really bad day today.
    I was driving on PA Turnpike 476 North in the high speed lane doing 75 MPH ( keeping up with traffic which was heavy) when all of the sudden the rear of my bike got very loose and started weaving left and right. I made it to the right shoulder and slowed down to I guess around 20mph when I lost control and dumped the bike and slid into the guiderail. I don't know what I hit to cause the tire to go flat so fast. This is the first time I ever got a flat on my 08 Ultra and it was so scary and uncontrollable. A few really nice people stopped to help me and make sure I was ok. I am hurting all over but I feel lucky that I made it to the shoulder of the road as with the amount of traffic that was on this road today, this could have turned out a whole lot worse. I think I am more hurt mentally with the amount of damage to my ride. Now onto the HOG club road side assistance program. I called the number on my hog membership card ( I have the Ultra Plus Package)and got an immediate response from them and they told me tow to local dealer would be covered in full and to expect a tow truck within an hour. Ten minutes later the tow truck showed up.( I thought this was incredible)The Tow company informed me that because I was on the PA turnpike, that my tow was excluded from being covered by my membership and I would have to pay full rate.( something the hog club roadside assistance representative forgot to tell me) So, I decided to call the friendly dealer where I bought my bike and they got me hooked up with a tow outfit they use and one hour later I was on my way to dealership where the bike now sits waiting for estimate and repairs. Cost of tow $205.00 (34 miles) SO, just a heads up to HOG Roadside assistance members " If you are traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and you need road service or a tow, you are NOT covered by HOG roadside assistance"

    Thats my $.02 for the evening. I hope tomorrow is better!:56:
  2. Davidw2415

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    Any explanation to why you were not covered because you were on the PA Turnpike?
  3. Fourdogs

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    Good Lord...I hope your ok ...thank you so much for this information....Did they say why if your on a Turn pike your NOT covered..I have rode the Turnpikes all over the place now you scare the you know what out of me...lol.Tuesday will check on this for a explaination....Geez alot of folks ride the Pikes...Again hope you are well ..thw bike can be fixed...A person is another story....Please keep us posted ok?
  4. Vibratinharley

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    I called HOG Roadside assistance after tow guy told me that and they said they forgot to tell me that I would have to pay. They didn't tell me why but I am assuming it is because the Turnpike has it's own authorized service tow companies but it doesn't make sense because they take AAA and don't charge them. I will be sending a letter to hog roadside assistance and a request for reimbursement of towing charges and will see what happens.
  5. gs34

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    Sure sorry to hear of your problem. I can imagine how you must feel. Thank goodness you were not seriously injured....Could have been real bad!
    Thank you for letting all know of the problem with towing on the PA Pike. Unfortunately for us all, The PA Turnpike Commission has their own list of towing companies that they "certify" to be allowed to service vehicles on "their" road, and the public is pretty much at their mercy.
    Best of luck getting your bike back in shape. And you take care of yourself. I'm sure you're going to be plenty sore tomorrow.
  6. Joyflyin

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    I am glad you got out of the traffic without getting hurt too bad. I hope you are feeling better soon. Good luck with the H.O.G. deal. They make bike parts all the time, but body parts are hard to come by. Take care & keep us posted.
  7. gunnut

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    Sorry about your crash,A speedy recover for you,your bike,and your bank balance.Hopefully that problem wont rear its ugly head here,we have no toll roads,that I know of anyway.
  8. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    Glad to hear you are OK. We were in Texas one year and blew a rear tire. Wife was with me. Wasn't too bad at the hgher speeds but like you said the slower we got the worse it was.

    Last year we were in Michigan and the belt stripped. I called CAA and they sent a truck out and got me to the border and dropped me off. Had to call a truck from Canada which brought me home. The total milage was 145 miles. They even paid the bridge toll. I will give my vote to CAA AAA any day of the week.

    I haven't joined HOG because I don't really see any big plus for me except a patch and a free event pin once in a while. I am tired of making rich people richer by joining this and that.
  9. Very Happy to hear that you are ok. Very sad to hear about your ride. Part are replaced easily....you however are not. Get well soon brother!
  10. SeaRider04

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    Glad to hear you are OK. It's sucks on the Pikes though, good to know and I'll be call my HOG on Tuesday and ask them about the roadside service.