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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by andy, May 15, 2008.

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    time for a rant,my 8th warranty claim has now been repaired again !!!!!!!!!!!!.but i feel h-d frankly do not care with all these problems on a £23.000 bike ,but they did ring me last friday the 9th may saying blah blah blah as the phone call was ending she said oh sir could i send you some imfo on a rally,remember my bike was still broken at this time,i said i wanted to put all my effect and focus on getting my bike back ,she said but sir your bike will be fixed by than.i felt this was all she rang up for.
    andy , uk.:bigsmiley32:
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    A sad but true fact is that the MOCO really washes their hands of problems once the bike is sold. It's up to the dealer to get it right. If he isn't capable of figuring it out, they send out a rep to help. In my experiences in the past, the rep isn't much better than the dealer is but will shmooze you over a bit to make you feel better even if the bike isn't fixed.
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    The MOCO surely isn`t as user friendly as it was 20 years ago! Way too many youngsters employed there. They don`t know and don`t care about customer service. It`s ALL up to the dealers now days and if you don`t have a really good dealer, you aint got JACK as far as owning a HD goes. Sad but true! :bigsmiley19:
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    Hi Andy, What kind of problems have you had with your SE?
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    Wow ! I thought i was having it bad. i got mine back once since April 17th and they got it back the very next morning on a closed trailer and i havent seen it since. its now approaching a month.
    I know i am getting real tired of the bull they feed me and how they act when i hit the door... like we are best friends and they are really glad to see me.
    I have been riding harleys for years but this was my very first new one and its been a real freaking nightmare. i am actually considering a different bike altogether that doesnt say Harley davidson down the tank.
    I have never been this freaking upset with anything i have ever bought and especially after blowing 21000.00 on this bike.
    I am giving them a week longer till i really start to vent on them:mgun:mgun
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    I feel special, my dealer calls me with info and they email me often. No complaints here on this hd dealer.
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    I agree Low... My dealer, and most of the dealerships in my area for that matter, are great to deal with. I have had no bad experiences thus far. I guess there are always horror stories, and those get a lot of attention. I am sorry for any rider who is having problems and wish them all the best, but with all the thousands of satisfied riders out there the odds are pretty good that you'll have a good experience with H-D rather than a negative one.
  8. I am not please at all with mine. i called today to ask about the radio problem I took my Ultra in for LAST TUESDAY for warranty and here it is now over a week for nothing more than replacing the radio??? I called today and the tech said "Well, we still aint heard from the tech line from HD, But I think i got a radio from a wreck we can throw in it."
    NEEDLESS to say, I am calling again tomorrow and telling him that there will be NO "used" radion thrown in there and it had better be done by Thursday.
    Geez, just cause its warranty they put it on the back burner....typical, cause there aint any money made with warranty work! Ive been flamin over this all day...
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    Hey bro i've also had this problem the first week i brought my bike home ! be ready to be upset but they are going to sent you a reconditioned stereo to replace it. thank God it was winter when mine was replaced cause they said it could take weeks to get it in the spring or summer.
    HD will only replace with reconditioned stereos and that was hard for me to stomach but i guess at lest it works now. hope it goes well for ya man
  10. ok...heres an update. Called yesterday(wednesday), he said, "We had it up on the rack but needed to take it down 'cause a travler come in.", I understand that. I wouldnt want to put a brother out that is 300 miles from home. So, I called today and he said, "I thought I had a radio here but I guess I dont so I needed to go ahead and order one." WHAT?!?! You mean to tell me that after a week and 1/2 you couldnt have taken 5 mins to see if you even HAD a radio???? I mean GEEEZ! I asked him when how long he thought it may take to get the radio form HD, He said "Probly 5 to 7 working day." Needless to say.....when this is over, and I pick it up....words will be had with general manager and I am seriously considering on telling them that I will be going else where from now on.