Do you lift your toe or foot?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by AZDave, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. AZDave

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    I have scraped my running boards a few times and with each time skiped a heart beat. I find that now if I am really leaning I tend to lift my toe that is near the ground. I have watched the Ride like a Pro DVDs so I know its not a big deal. I just seem to do it. Anyone else out there messed up like me. I find myself saying keep your toe and foot on the boards it's ok.:D
  2. HDDon

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    I have found the footboards many times with my 94FLSTC. The first few times I reacted with the same lift of my foot that you did. I think this is a natural reaction to the noise and movement of the footboard. The way I overcame this was to find a curve or turn I knew I would scrape and go thru it several times untill I no longer wanted to lift or move my foot. Call it a conditioned reflex as in Pavlov and the bell. It's a lot easier to ride knowing that I will not have that startled feeling.
  3. Mattman4403

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    When you heel that bike over and the floor board comes up that first time it is a bit unnerving. After that you kind of know when you hit that point that you are going to start making sparks. Just be calm and keep on riding.
  4. fwcole

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    Scares me every time, But I dont have running boards anymore.
  5. jaceddie

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    My UC in lowered and I seem to drag the board quite often. It always make me react and lessen the lean.
  6. HarryB737

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    My Bike seems to touch down on right hand turns more than left, Maybe I'm just more agressive in those turns. But it does make me pucker a bit... :swoon
  7. AZDave

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    It is great to know and gives me hope, that there are those out there who have riden for years and still skip a heart beat with the sound of pavement on the boards. I thought I was the only one raising a toe now and then:D.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Easing up on the lean by not steering so deep or "lifting" toe or foot is a reaction that needs to be resolved over time. One way is to also learn to "counter lean" or "hang off" the center line of the bike slightly...that is the conscious riding style racers used to compensate for low ground clearance or ill handling bike. On a cruiser type bike, counter leaning is much easier to do than hanging off, due to the laid back position of the rider and inability to weight the pegs much with feet in the foward position away from the center of gravity.

    In other words, old school of thought to make a turn fast was to sit up straight over the bike and lean into the turn, carefully exploring the limits and learn to drag the bike in turns, just not heavy enough to unsettle the chassis. It was dirt track riders that found they could explore the limits of cornering by standing the bike up and throttle steer the bike to slide the rear around, while weighting the inside of the bike in the turn.

    Applying outward pressure on the outside peg...and standing to the inside a bit saves 10 to 15 degrees of bank angle, and gaining just enough precious ground clearance so hard parts would not lever the bike up when hard parts hit and toss the bike and rider into the weeds. It was Kenny Roberts who started road racing with knee down and duct tape for pucks to protect his leathers that made the riding "style" famous. Not saying to ride totally this way, but you can compensate for low ground clearance by using a bit better rider techniques, ride comfortably within your skill set without trying to be a "hero on a race track" can improve how we handle what we call day to day routine.
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  9. Porter

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    I think that having our hearts skip a beat now and then is a big reason we all keep riding....::s
  10. AZDave

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    That is true