Cheap way to Scavenge oil in a newer DYNA????

Discussion in 'Oil' started by ghost2277, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am getting ready to do my 5000 mile oil change and service on my 2009 FXDF DYNA FAT BOB, and I have been looking at the R.C. Oil scavengers, but was wondering if anyone had a cheaper way of doing the same thing, I have seen the DIY for the softtail, but will that work for my 09 Dyna fat BOB? I would appreciate any input, I know there are some people that think its just a waste of time and it just might be, but I just bought the bike this year and it had 3600 miles on it from a previous owner, so I would like to get the old oil, whatever type it might have been, out and start over fresh. With that said I will be looking forward to some advice, and hopefully a cheap way it scavenge my oil.
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    I totally agree with Smitty. But if you want to feel better about it, drain your oil, put the plug in and add a quart of new oil and start it for a few minutes. Then drain that oil, and do a fresh oil change. You won't really accomplish much, but is cheaper and easier than the system you are considering.
  3. Gezzer Glide

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    I don't know why you guys don't like their system. I have a Rogue Chopper Oil scavenger and after 500 miles, since my last oil change, my oil is alot cleaner than before I used it. Using their system you can see the extra dirty oil come out that would have been left in to mix with your new oil. This has to be a good thing.
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    If you want to do something good for your bike, put a good synthetic oil in the motor and a good synthetic grease in the tranny.:s
  5. Bud White

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    Grease in the Tranny?

    you mean gear lube i hope

    Watch the Vid for the 07 up and touring bikes .. they lost me at remove the allen plug in the tank that the manual Say NEVER REMOVE..
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    Why would you think changing only 2 out of 3 qts is a good idea? When you change your oil in your car do you drain it, add 3qts of new oil and then top it off with the old oil in the pan? Or do you put 5 qts of new oil in for "piece of mind"? Take your old filter, cut it in half and take the paper element out of it and JB Weld it back together. drill a hole in the end and put a fitting in it so you can put a clear hose on it and you have a scavenger for about 2 bucks.

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    Have to say Jettblack that is kinda ingenius and certainly an option...but it all boils down to , does it really make a difference if less than 5% of the oil capacity is diluted by a majority of fresh oil? Sometimes worring over that bit of old oil is overkill and if you change your oil dilegently, why worry!
  8. Scrappy

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    i could see this being a good idea but maybe just for winter storage or special occasions, i could skip it every other change and still sleep at night.
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    wouldn't changing the oil and the filter like normal then taking off the return line hooking on a clear hose and running the bike till you get aprox 1 qt and then refilling the bike do the same thing as the device the company is trying to sell
  10. Hoople

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    You might want to be careful doing it that way. That is not really the same thing as what the Rogue Chopper kit does. There are 2 oil pumps in the engine. There is a Supply pump that provides oil Pressure to the bearings. There is also a Return pump which pumps the oil Back to the tank.

    The Rougue Pump system cuts into the RETURN pump & not the SUPPLY pump circuit. Doing it your way is cutting into the "Supply" pump & not the "Return" pump since the oil filter is in the supply pump circuit. I think doing it your way may starve the engine of oil while you are scavenging (engine running) since the oil filter is on the supply pump circuit and not the Return pump circuit.

    At least this is how my Dyna oiling system works. And Dyna is what the thread was about. Other year or model bikes may have a different oiling system so my above theory may not be valid and your idea will work just fine. I just want to give you a heads up before you "plug it in".:p