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  1. gator508

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    OK...I've been pondering this for awhile now. How many of you have neighbors that ride. I live in a modest suburban neighborhood and have 2 other riders right next door. One has a an 05 RG, both he and his wife ride, and the other has a brand new softail, he is solo. We have ridden together only 1 time because of time, weather, etc... how about you.
  2. jaceddie

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    No one that lives close rides.
  3. Hoople

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    I see lots of bikes in Garages when I ride my neighborhood but never see any one out riding. Can't figure out why....:(
  4. gs34

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    Been here since 71 and all the neighbors were here before me. None of them ride..heck, most of them are lucky they can still walk.:bigsmiley28:
    Only thing I hear said now is....."your bikes don't seem as loud as they used to be!" :D:D
  5. HarryB737

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    My right next door neighbor has a 2000 EG standard, we've ridden once together when I had the Sportster, but not since I got the Heritage, Our schedules just don't mesh... My other friends & I ride when ever we get the chance. 2 of them own Road Kings & the other is on a 2007 Heritage. But they live a distance away.
  6. gasbag

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    I live in a closed community of 66 homes. Within that there are 12 motorcycles, 8 of them being Harleys.

    I ride through the area on the way out and stop and talk with them all just to say high etc. No one have ever mentioned or hinted at wanting to ride together, even after I bring it up.

    I must be one ugly son of a gun........................:small3d012:
  7. Davidw2415

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    I know of Three others in my neighborhood that have bikes. the one that lives the furthest away I've never spoken to. The next furthest I've spoken to a couple of times. He takes a morning walk every day and walks right by my house. I've mentioned that we should ride sometime but didn't really get any kind of response. The closest to me with a bike lives a block and a half away. Actually I can set at the desk and type this message and look out the window and see his house. He has a bike that he built, but in the Six plus years I've been in this house I've never seen the bike leave his garage. Some things make no since to me.

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    There are several owners of Harleys who live nearby, but most are solo riders, one has a Glide, but solo seat and bags. Another has Softtail w/ hi apes over his head...also solo. There is a touring rider down the street who parks his ride 90% of the time...may take it out once a month. Only one guy has an Ultra...but he is in and out before and after I leave for work or go home...just hear his booming Bassani's...guess it is just the way of most HD owners "--march to a different drummer."
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  9. R.Bingham

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    I have 3 neighbors that have bikes. I have ridden with one of them about 2 years ago. He works 12 hours a day 6 days a week so I hardly see him. He has a Softail Standard with apes. One of the others I never see him ride. I think that his bike must just be "Garage Candy". It is a Heritage Softail Classic. The other one I only see every once in a while. He rides a metric. I have never met him.
  10. Redfish-Joe

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    None out here where I live but more 4 wheelers than you can shake a stick at.