Back after a Scare, but not an accident

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    Well, some of you may have noticed I have been missing for about a week. For those of you that don't know I'm just 31 years old, but went into Cardiac Arrest just 1 week ago. Thankfully my work had defibrillators on sight and a fast response team who was one of our contractors. They revived me, got me somewhat stable and transferred me to the hospital. I came to around Saturday, which is when my memory starts.

    Yesterday I got home, after having an angioplasty, MRI, many X-Rays and finally a defibrillator installed on Monday.

    I tell you all this one, cause I greatly missed everything on the forum and have 2600+ messages to catch up on :D and because God has truly blessed me through this time, and many think I am crazy but this was actually answered prayer, since I asked to Lord to use me in any way he needed to get through to my parents and I was able to lead my mother to accept the Lord as her Savior on Sunday evening.

    All happened just too perfectly for God to not have been in control. I rode my bike in, in the morning (as usual), thankfully it did not happen then. I was in the right office, near the right people, and my recovery has been tremendous with 0% brain loss. God has been great to me and taken care of my family of 2 very young boys and a wonderful, beautiful wife.

    Missed you guys all greatly, and unfortunately I won't be able to ride for sometime, but look forward to getting back on my bike, once the doc says I am ok.

    I'll be back on now as usual and look forward to come up with some new ideas, and changes to make to my bike.

    May God Bless you All!!:bigsmiley14::bigsmiley24::bigsmiley8::yahoo
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    I'm glad the right people with the right equipment were around to help when you needed it. Hope you have a quick recovery and have many years of riding ahead of you.
  3. gs34

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    WOW!!!! That's quite a week. Listen to your doctors, and take good care of yourself so you're around for that family of yours for a long long time.
    We can never know what is in store for us in our life. Glad you're on the mend and, welcome back.
  4. dlao

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    I know how you feel, I also had heart attack at age 36. when telling doctor about events leading up to coming in to hospital, I told him I had taken a couple of asprins and went to bed for awhile. He told me those asprins probably saved my life. Trust me, you'll be back before you know it.
  5. Romain

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    I'm glad you pulled through this life changing event and wish you a very speedy recovery.
  6. The4opps1

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    Glad it all worked out. Stay well. It is kind of neat when the hand of God reaches down, isn't it? God Bless
  7. krikket

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    I'm sorry to hear about you're heart attack, but I'm very glad to hear you're ok. I totally agree with you...everything happens for a reason!!!!

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    BWalsh, very stirring that has a happy ending. Good to hear you are recovering from heart condition and in good spirits. Life is too short to not enjoy what joys in your life, especially your wife and boys. The bike will be waiting patiently when you are up to speed...just don't rush it and make sure you make every day count.

    I was in a similar situation in 1987, only diffeence was I was in the hospital for a routine exam...transferred to Stanford and 4 hours later another motorcylist's heart harvested from Montana was in my chest...and I have never looked back. Just make each day count and I have added another entry to my evening prayer..." --bless those I have met and whom I will meet, that I may share my happiness with them and contribute to their joy as well..."
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    Glad to hear that you are back and in better shape than a week ago.Don't over do it now and live life like you want to.
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  10. bwalsh22

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    You sound like my wife :D , she keeps yelling at me not to do things, but it is not easy.

    Thank you all for the well wishes and the follow-up stories. Always good to hear there are others that have been through similar situations are doing well now.

    Thank you all, many years to go now.