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    Let's say I had a thousand dollars lying around the house and a 2008 FLHTC in the garage. My motorcycle is stock with a stage 1, and has 30k trouble free miles. I've added all the "bling" I can stand and don't need anymore T-shirts. I also plan on some long trips over the next few years (I live in Florida, wife has family in Oregon, plan on riding there in the next couple of years) and want the most reliable bike possible. Given all the known issues with HDs TC engines and I have $1K what mods would you guys recommend?

    Im thinking of welding the crank shaft and installing gear driven cams.
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    If you really want to install gear drive cams you are wise to weld the crank first. However, instead of tearing the whole motor apart there are plenty of good chain driven cams to choose from. If I were you I'd at least measure the runout of the crank before tearing it all apart. You may have been lucky and gotten a really straight crank. It's also going to cost considerably more time and money for a complete teardown and rebuild. Even if you do all the work yourself.

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    TRY my method:bigsmiley14:

    New Jeep and fixed Old covered trailer,,, IF i go for Long distance. Like Wa. from Az.
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    If Bike does have a problem along the way while I ride the bike and she drives the jeep.... You get the Idea...

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    I would have a close look at the lifters and think about cams and adjustable push rods along with checking crank run out:s

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    That's a good one BUBBIE. lol
    I guess you spend the G on a trailer
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    A set of cams, tapered adjustable push rods, TFI and stage 1 if you don't already have it. As far as the tensioners, I have changed cams in a 08 bike with 51k on the clock and they were just showing slight signs of wear. Mine had 25k or so when I replaced the cams and no wear at all.

    Perhaps if you have the extra cash a new set of lifters on top of the new cams might not be a bad idea.

    If you do this yourself remember to replace the 3 o-rings related to the oil pump!
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    Shoot, if you have 30K trouble free miles, give her a good fluid change, maybe an oil cooler if you think the heat will bother you, and put the rest into good TBags or compariable luggage and a couple of nice hotel/motel stays along the way...
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    Through a set of SE 204's or a set of 551 ez starts in there and ride it for another 30,000 miles with a BIG grin. :D