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    Maybe this post will be removed by the moderators but I just wanted to say how much I admire you folks in the US for the way you treat your veterans. I spent a total of about 14 years in the Canadian military (between the regular forces and the reserves). Here at home, only one person has ever thanked me for my service. Things are a lot different in the United States. In the US, veterans are appreciated (even Canadian veterans) and many people--including many on this board--consistently say: "Thank you for your service". Well I want to say: "Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for your appreciation."
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    You are very welcome. If not for the military vets, the free world would not exist as we know it today. Again, I say "THANKS".
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    Hey Subby. Things were not always that way here. I spent 26 years in the army retiring in 93. When I came home from Vietnam after spending 3 years there, only one person said thanks, other than family. WWI was the first generation, WWII was the greatest generation, Korea was the forgotten generation, Vietnam was the hated generation and those serving now are the loved generation. They deserve it and so do you for what you did. I'm saying thanks for what you did Subby.
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    I did 8 years of active duty back in the day and I'm presently (at age 55) serving in Baghdad as a contractor with the Military. I will be returning back to Texas in May 2010.

    I would like to extend my appreciation to every Veteran who ever served whether during war or peace. We never know how lucky we all are until we serve in the Military and do time in a foreign country where true freedom is never realized until many die to secure that freedom. I serve here with troops from the U.S., South Africa, Uganda, Britain, Sweden, and many other countries. It doesn't matter where you from when you meet in a place like this. You begin to understand the importance of serving and supporting the cause of democracy.

    For those naysayers in the U.S. that don't believe in what we do and don't support the troops, I have one thing to say. You have no right to judge until your boots hit the sand here and see what is really going on. You won't hear the truth from the media or the Government, but you can see it in the face of every soldier.
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    RobDog: " ... but you can see it in the face of every soldier."

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    i personally have never served, but for all who did, they my most appeciation,.
    i would not think twice about giving up my seat to somebody who served that is standing !!!
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    I'm a Vietnam era vet also and experienced the same thing. That being said, thanks for your service Subby.
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    As i served as a regular with a scottish infantry regiment for 25 years i respect the service of any seviceman doing their duty for their country

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    As a Viet Nam era vet, I am proud of my service and also of those who served before and after me. Most of all, I think I admire the young men and women of today's military generation. Can't speak for the rest of us Viet Nam era guys and gals, but were it not for the draft, I honestly don't know if I would have served. Todays soldiers are all volunteers, and my heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of them. God bless America!
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    :USA Semper Paratus 70-75