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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mattman4403, May 31, 2011.

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    Friday , May 27 I started the day with 800 miles to get home. I was sitting in Quebec City Canada. It was 45 degrees, I had no cold weather gear so it was time to get creative and layer up. I had a pair of flannel pajama pants under my jeans, one long sleeved t-shirt and two short sleeve t-shirts put all this under my rain gear and headed out. The first 65 miles or so were not too bad then, I ran into the rain. I was in and out of rain (more in than out) until I got about 75 miles from home. When I finally ran out of the rain, it finally warmed up also. Got all the way up to about 60 degrees. After 14 hours I was home. I had one place where I failed to get a t-shirt tucked back under my rain gear at a fuel stop that proved to be irritating. My low beam headlight burned out about 200 miles from home so I went on home with the hi beam (no trouble ). All in all, it was a good trip. Had to find some solutions but isn't that part of the fun?
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    Thats one time I bet you were glad to have the rain gear, glad you made it home with out any problems you could not overcome :)
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    Glad you made it home without too much trouble. Hopefully you won't get caught without some cold weather gear but if it happens again an old biker trick is to put a couple sections of newspaper in your chest and lower leg area.
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    Another great story to remember. Like they say a bad day of motorcycling is better than a good day at work!!!!

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    Glad you made it home safely.

    There ain't no bad days to ride, just some are better than others!!
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    That is a good trick to remember. Thanks
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    It still sounds like a bad day of riding is still better than a so called good day at work. :D
  8. mat 60

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    You people are nuts,,:) Ill take the work myself....Oh oh....Mabe with a windshield on my bike id do the ride..:bigsmiley21: Please for give me,Im being honest..
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    Oh that's good Mat, I got a kick out of your reply. As much as I love riding and most times agree with Joy's reference, when it come being wet and cold, I believe I would take work myself. Got rained on today coming home from a PGR ride, just out of the blue before I had a chance to put on rain gear. But it was 90 degrees not 60.

    Us Florida boys get cold real easy. A windshield does help but don't cure it all in the rain.
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    Having had similar journeys in the past and been soaked all the way through even with rain gear on
    I have invested in some pretty good gear which i always wear on longer trips if it is hot the liners are taken out and the vent zips are open i always wear a pair of waterproof boots when riding and i have 2 spare pair of gloves in the saddlebag
    Rain and cold are not as good as warm and dry but more bearable with the right gear