Step Son's Friends want my scoot

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by kzoo, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. kzoo

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    So, at 55 I bought my first HD. Rode metrics for many years, years ago.
    Scored an 04 Heritage Classic in showroom condition, lots of extra chrome, stage I, with 7200 miles.

    Step son's friends were over last night with their crotch rockets and drooling over my scoot. Kinda funny, they all wanted to trade. (average age is about 22)

    I may be old, but for me, my scoot looks better, sounds better, and rides better than a crotch rocket. I will stick with my 7 yr old Heritage anyday! Maybe when I grow up I will buy a touring model!

    Safe Riding all - early in the season here and the cages aren't looking!
  2. JBC2565

    JBC2565 Junior Member

    At 55, your body will thank you for staying with the FLSTC.
  3. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    Remember, Someday you will own a bagger!!!!!!
  4. JROB4438

    JROB4438 Member

    Alot of people got through the crotch rocket stage and if they survive they usually end up on a cruiser and would never go back!!! Then once theyre on a cruiser they want a bagger. I guess its like being 16 and any old skunk beer would do and as you drink more you get a taste for a better brew. At least for me this is true. Congrats on your new scoot and good luck in the never endidng pursuit of being satisfied with the Harley you currently have.
  5. Iceman24

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    Never fails...there's two kind of m/c riders - bikers who dream of owning a Harley & us who do...;)
  6. IBA Harley

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    I tried riding a co-worker's crotch rocket. Scared me out of my mind. NEVER again! :)
  7. Joyflyin

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    My nephew was forced into getting a cruiser since he could no longer bend his leg back to ride his crotch rocket after breaking his leg in December of 2009. Though he traded around and got a Suzuki, (not a bad looking bike actually, just doesn't sound like a Harley), he would still love to have a Harley, but he's 26, just got back to work recently, and he has 3 young step sons, he knows he cannot afford the Harley at this time. :s But at least he's still riding, and IMO, better off to be off the crotch rocket. :D

    Even though he broke his leg on a 110 cc trick bike. :D
  8. Duane53

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    I wouldn't give up my Heritage for no crotch rocket. They just don't look comfortable.
  9. Porter

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    I am sold on my Ultra.
    My brother-in-law let me ride his Yamaha 1000cc rocket.
    When I looked at the tach, which spanned 0-15,000 rpm and the redline was at 14,000, I was impressed.

    It impressed me: the surreal combination of incredible power with smoothness, all at the same time. The brakes/stopping ability is something I still can't describe. Rolling the throttle between 5k and 12k rmp was like being in a jet.

    Fun to try, but there are so many creature comforts that are lacking.
    I would rather arrive with a certain style over speed. It's the ride, not the destination, most of the time.

    I am glad they were drooling over you ride.....they will come around!
  10. R_W_B

    R_W_B Senior Member

    Yea have you ever really looked at the position of their passengers? Kinda looks like a loaded catapult to me. I get nervous just watching them zip through traffic with a passenger on.

    Those Suzuki Boulevard models are nice looking bikes. A guy I met on a Patriot mission has the 109. Quite impressive.