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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by GeezerGlide, May 17, 2009.

  1. GeezerGlide

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    I was wonder if anyone has advice about leaving your bike at hotel parking lots. My wife and I want to start touring (not camping but staying at hotels/motels). I am a little worried about leaving my bike in the parking lot of hotels overnight. I just have the factory security fob and locking steering. My old bike wasn't that valuable but the Ultra Classic is considerable more valuable. Any thoughts would be helpful...thanks.
  2. STEVE07

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    Lock it and leave it.Like you would a car.We tour as much as time allows and stay in motels.I have never had a problem.
  3. B-1B_Guy

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    You can always buy a generic motorcycle cover (one that does not have Harley Davidson on it) and cover it up. I think folks are less likely to mess with a covered bike, especially when they don't know what it is. Personally, I just lock my 09 Ultra up and take the FOB inside with me. If something were to happen, I'd call my insurance company.
  4. slk53

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    My wife and I frequently stay at motels with our bike, we've never had a problem. I tend to get a bit paranoid so I do bring a chain and lock.
  5. Mainah

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    That's what I've always done with no problem, I have a Dowco cover that seems to be of good quality (6 years old and still waterproof). Also if you can ask for a ground floor room near a door where you can park the bike. I like to find the mom and pop older motels where you can roll right up to the door of your room.
  6. WHM1

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    We do a lot of traveling and stay many nights in Hotels. I park our bikes as close to the front door as possible and in a well lighted area.Most places let us park under the covered unloading area and if not as near to the front as possible.
  7. Bubbaglide

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    We follow the above suggestions with this realization: 4 guys with 2 2/4's or iron bars can walk over and pick up your bike. If they know what they're doing, they can bolt cutter the battery cables and away they go. So make sure your insurance is paid up and if you have lots of extras, get a rider on your insurance policy. If they get it, you'll be covered.

    Incidentally, we have never had a problem while traveling with someone bothering the bike.

    Ride safe

  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    You can add alarms, disc locks, or dozens of other things but as previously posted, if someone knows what they're doing and really want your bike, consider it gone.

    Make sure it's fully insured, park it in a highly visible and lit area, and try not to worry about it.
  9. ironmark

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    Get A ground floor room if you can & just lock the bike , I have the factory audio security system & a disc brake lock with siren , with 2 noise audio alarms you should have no problems . A crook does not want to attract attention , a upset biker could check on why his bikes alarms are going off & he may just have a firearm , I prefer my .45 :D. But I have not had any problems yet .
  10. bigcletus

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    better yet..get a ground floor room and park the bike in the room!!:small3d012: