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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 89 FXRS, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. 89 FXRS

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    I found a bike and the seller wants to use Online Trading Assistants (OTA) to sell it - does anyone know anything about this company - are they reputable? Any feedack positive or negitive would be appreciated. He claims he's out of town for a while on a family emergency and was told this would be the best way to go about selling his bike - I'm in the process of trying to find out when he'll be returning -I'd much rather deal in person although he said in his e-mail that I can inspect the bike before any money has to be paid - if the numbers all check out maybe they are reputable???
  2. Davidw2415

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    My question would be; If he going to let you inspect the bike before exchange of money, why not take the money directly from you and sign the bike over. Puzzling indeed.
  3. Dr.Evil

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    I know someone that got burned on one of these exact same deals. Not sure if it was the same service.
  4. SilverFoXD

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    They are on the web, address:

    Online Trading Assistants - We Do the Selling For you.

    Their address is at an office complex in Seattle, one block south of Lake Union in Seattle. No name on the building, but there are several similar buildings in a row and business names aren't on any of them. You can see it by using Google Earth, and get the address from their web site.

    Several Q & A sites have your same questions.

    Good luck.
  5. Dr.Evil

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    The seller will pay about 20% for this service. I would try to make the deal with him, and you split the cost of the fees he would have paid. 10% off for you. :)
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Sounds a bit odd to me, can you deal direct with the seller, best way to go IMO
  7. The4opps1

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    I can see using a service to list your machine, that is do the advertising, pics, etc., but as many posts have pointed out, once it's sold, it's sold. The hard work is done. IMO life is complicated enough without adding more variables to the mix. I would also be a bit concerned about forking over my money to a 3rd party. If the seller won't deal directly with you, I'd think twice....
  8. Jack Klarich

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    You have his E mail RIGHT, cut the deal direct if you can if not sounds like a scam of some kind to me
  9. Breeze3at

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    This sounds quite like one of the Craigslist scams. They offer a bike at a great price, but they are unavailable to take money or show bike (it's already crated). They will ship to you for inspection (at their cost), and so on. I don't understand how they get anything more than financial information or deposit dollars from a mark, but they were quite prevalent on CL.
    One thing common to these scams, careful reading of the for sale ad, reveals that English is not their 1st language, with grammatical errors, and they usually have several nice pictures with the ad. Those pictures were from bikes sold on ebay. I'd be careful. I hope I'm wrong and it's a reputable seller and you get a good bike at a good price.
  10. dbmg

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    Stay away. You will probably never recover your losses.