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  1. BlackRoadKing

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    silly question: the nut that secures the seat strap down.. anyone know the size wrench? i went through a bunch yesterday and couldnt find one that fit. the space you have to get something down there is so small between the saddlebag and fender... i have a wratchet but no space and the wrenches i have, some kind of fit, others didnt ... the seat strap is a pain in the (EDIT)... whats the purpose again? anyway, i f i knew the actual size i could buy one.. i could probably find the manual, maybe it says, but i wouldnt want the ability to post questions to go to waste.

    also, during a long ride 182 miles in about 4-5 hours, i stopped for gas and went to restart.... nothing??? hhmm?? the bike was dead.... got a jump from the gas station portable and rode home... battery is good... could the bike have gotten too hot and decided it needed a rest? never had a problem like that with this bike. anything i should check or just chalk it up?

    started is up again a few hours after returningg.. no problem... the bike just checked out for a few minutes... which is why i needed to get the seat off to jump the battery... that seat strap is form over function if i ever saw it...

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    Why not take the saddlebag off? It only takes 30 seconds.
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  3. glider

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    I believe the wrench is a 1/2" size and check your battery terminal connections. Remove them wire brush and reconnect them neg off first and on last.
  4. BlackRoadKing

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    thanks - will do.
  5. doc_63

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    Seat straps...never liked them, never used them. I think they're ugly and mine always end up in a box of other useless junk. I suppose they serve a purpose for someone...just not me...:D
  6. TripleJ

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    My seat strap is held in place by t45 torx bolts but find it a hassle to remove the seat with the strap bolted in place so it sits in that box of useless junk doc referred to.

    Actually thought about leaving it on as a theft deterrent for the PCV that resides under the seat but then came to the realization that if someone wanted that bad enough they would probably just cut the strap to get it it anyway.
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    1/2 wrench size usually equalls 5/16 nut or 5/16 thread:s

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    Some have changed the nut to a Chrome knurled one...'bout $10...either HD or K├╝ryakyn. Or for more security, use a hex Allen in stainless with lock/star washer so you do not have to "wrench it", just bring it down to your friendly neighborhood hardware store...$5 tops!
  9. Dr. Dolittle

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    I thought I read somewhere that some states and/or countries require them if you're carrying a passenger.

    Didn't stop me from taking mine off though!
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    my other half could use one . she rides fender once in a while . have not gotten to get her a seat yeat . floor boards though . just as well i like ti go solo antway LOL