noise when I pull in clutch + loud grinding when I take off

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Jayco3, Feb 13, 2011.

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    Whats up guys, I have a old 4 speed with a stock clutch. When I pull the clutch in it kinda makes a rattling sound or grinding sound (only with the clutch pulled in). on take off, as the clutch engages it makes a horrible grinding sound. as soon as the clutch is fully engaged it goes away. goes thru all the gears just fine shifts fine no slipping/ noise as long as the bike is moving but as soon as I stop and try to take off the horrible sound returns I originally thought it was my chain rubbing against my fender (as that is what it sounds like). I checked that out and it clears just fine. the noise is coming from the clutch area on the left side. I also thought it might be my 1st gear so I tried to take off in 2nd and 3rd but it makes no difference what gear its in if I take off from a stop... it happens. also it kinda walks on me when idling in gear. could this be a throw out bearing or worn clutch plates? please help any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks .....
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    throw out bearing would be a good guess

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Yes on the above and Primary OIL,,,, Has it enough to PROPER level and what is supposed to be in there? Formal+?

    What year and bike do you have?

    DID it all of the sudden start the noise or Has it been there before you heard it?

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    First thing I'd ask is... "what's different now?" In other words... did you change anything right before this started? I would try to adjust the clutch and see if that makes it go away... if not, throw out bearing is a great guess.
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    Welcome to the forum Jayco. My shovelhead has a belt primary drive with no compensator. When I let the clutch out, I get the same symptoms, sounds and a "shudder" throught the bike. On my bike, it's the lack of compensator that is the cause. Does your bike have a primary compensator sprocket?
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    Thanks everyone for the help....I am still new at kinda new at this. I just got this bike from my step dad it was a project he started about 5 years ago. since then he has gotten sick and no longer able to work on this bike. It basically is a bunch of different bikes in one I guess. the engine is 2005 revtech 100 with less than 50 miles on it. the trans is a old 4 speed w/ starter & kick start. the frame is a rigid frame not sure the year and a brand new springer front end. it has a open primary belt drive and chain driven secondary. not sure if it has a compensator or not or if its needed with belt drive and dry clutch. My step dad had a shop assemble the bike about 4 years ago at which time he rode the bike home and around town for about 50 miles or so said there was no problem at that time. I changed nothing other than fuel, oil in engine, plugs and wires. Fired it up and noticed when I pulled in the clutch it made the humming sound, put it in gear took off and heard the nasty grinding sound as I let the clutch out. Once I was moving and the clutch was fully engaged the noise is gone changed gears just fine downshifts fine. came home... thought it was the chain rubbing on the side of the fender but that was not the case. I think I am going to disassemble the clutch to take a further look. How will I know if the throwout bearing is bad? or if it is the clutch plates?

    Thank you again for all you help.......
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    Do not run the engine anymore until you open up the primary and see what you have. The main nut on the drive shaft may have backed off allowing stuff to wallow around inside the primary. If this is NOT the problem, phew!! When this happens, it is all kinds of expensive - new rotor, stator, and even clutch basket stuff if the little bits got scattered around too much.

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    Clutch plates are pretty cheap for 4 speeds if in doubt I would replace them with Barnett clutch plates, The hubs on old 4 speeds were poor at best IMO, better choices out there, you will need a manual for an older I assume Ratchet top 4 speed to get an idea of how this goes back to gether and Torquing the clutch hub:s Barnett Performance Products | Harley Davidson American V-Twin
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    says it has an open belt primary in the one post , i can here my neighbor ,next road behind me when he lived there ,
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    You are correct, I reread that post, open belt drives do not use a compensator and the dry clutches make a lot of noise you will notice it alot more with no primary cover to dampen the sound, the clutches make a rattling noise:s