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  1. danthern

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    Here's where I am. Settings are Dobecks idle, green light always stays on, yellow only when I quickly open the throttle and red light at increased rpms (no tach, but I'd call it mid-range) and the 4th pot at 4:00. Runs and sounds good. Any suggestions or should i leave it alone?
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    danthern; what are the other pot settings - you only list 4th (RPM). I know they're listed as Dobeck recommended, but would need to know the G/Y/R positions to compare. Also, Dobeck recommends you run a few tanks before re-assessing...
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    Sounds like you have the proper understanding of the TFI. You can tweak the settings as needed if you feel the mixture is a bit rich but they come with recommended settings for your bike.

    You'll find that the #2 pot which is the accelerator function can be backed down a bit if your MPG takes a hit. The other settings are pretty much on the money or just a tad rich.

    You'll find lots of info in the self help area here...

    Diagnostics and Fuel Injection Related - Harley Davidson Community
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    Thanks gents...iceman, green-2:30, yellow-3:30, red-3:30 RPM 4:00....Sorry I left that out. Glider, thanks for your help and happy birthday!

    We had a break in the rain here so I took her out on the interstate for the first time. I can really feel the difference here as opposed to putting around town. Noticably increased torque through the middle gears. Didn't even think about changing out of 5th until 75. Purrs like a kitten at 80 with plenty to spare. If I didn't say, I installed the tfi and K&N a/c kit yesterday. Already had the Rush slip-ons. Shes' runnin good......
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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Usually the only one i found Needs to be set from Dobecks suggested numbers is the Grn Pot...(one)

    I do adjust "pot one" (like a carb adjustment) with warmed bike and at 2000 RPM, (very fast idle okay)
    *** From "0" setting I increase fuel until it stumbles then back off until it runs Smoothly using that as a Guide to the correct setting....
    (usually comes out really close to suggested setting)

    I Try this starting from """too lean TO too rich""", Back and Forth several times to get a FEEL of what pot one does to the bike then

    Now that is how I do mine.

    I have found the other 3 pots work best for my ride at the suggested Values from Dobecks..

  6. D.Bradfield

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    danthern why did you buy k&n instead of the Screaming Eagle a/c? Cheaper? Better? More power?
  7. danthern

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    I did a fair amount of research and comparing one kit to the other (SE, Ness Big Sucker, HD Heavy Breather and K&N). I chose the K&N because of the positive feedback that I found in the form of reviews from several sources. Couldn't find anything bad about it and I could use my original cover. The filter has a "million mile guarantee" and I believe it's made of cotton as opposed to paper like the SE. I did get a great deal (around a hundred bucks on Amazon) which didn't hurt either...
  8. D.Bradfield

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    I have been doing the same research also. Just so happen to read your post and notice you installed the k&n kit, I think you have help me make up my mind to go ahead and buy it. Thanks....
  9. Webbtron

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    I just bought the K&N filter kit based on Ferrousbueller's thread and he steered me to Ken's Auto Wholesale and it was $116 free shipping and will be here tomorrow.
  10. DobeckTechSupport

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    danthern - Sounds like you made some good choices and now you can enjoy your ride even more as the weather gets better!!