New noise like rubbing at low speeds??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by cowboywildbill, May 21, 2010.

  1. cowboywildbill

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    On my 04 FLHTP with 40,000 miles. While riding last week on a very warm day after about 80 miles of riding I noticed a squeaking rubbing sound when I slowed down getting off the hwy. I pulled in the clutch and coasted the noise sounded like it's comming from the rear.
    I stepped on the brake, rolled side to side. Even shut down the engine and coasted about 20 mph. The noise was still there and definatley speed related.
    Got home put the bike up on the jack checked evrything. Couldn't find anything wrong. Next day fired it up on the jack and ran it in gear, no noise.
    Rode it again on a cooler day about 70 miles, no noise. Then rode yesterday very warm out again, after about 65 miles same thing. I'm thinking it's the belt?
    But it looks fine and the tension is ok and it's running true. I guess it could be a wheel bearing, but it doesn't sound like a bad bearing. Any idea's ?
  2. ultrat

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    on warmer days after a longer ride i hear a rubbing too. i think it is rotor rear speed sensitive step on rear brake pedal it stops. then starts up again it is very quiet..
  3. craig Lee

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    Is the sound coming from the rear left side or right side?
    My '08 SG (has the IDS rear sprocket) belt is adjusted on the loose side for that reason. After riding on a warm day, the belt tightens up from the pulleys expanding and I get different sounds from the belt.
    We'll see what the real Guru's have to say.
  4. rexver

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    i had a rubbing noise too, i looked under the battery tray and the charcoal canister had come lose and was rubbing the belt. it had rubbed one of the inlet nipples off and the hose, replaced and all is well again, 20,000miles rkci
  5. Hoople

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    Very simple and easy test to make. Bring a spray bottle of water mixed with a squirt of dish-washing soap with you on your next ride. Once the noise starts and is predicable, take your spray bottle and spray down the belt while rolling the bike. Ride the bike. If the noise goes away, you know it's not a bearing or something worse. The dish-washing soap is necessary to keep the water from just beading off the belt so be sure to include it.
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    If you think its the belt but cant see any noticeable rub marks you could use a paint pen to confirm this.Of course it must be under load conditions.

    Using a paint pen or just plain anything that will leave a mark.Put a couple of dots on the outer edges of the belt.The next time you hear the noise take a look at those dots.If the belt is the problem those dots should be scuffed up.If they're not,youve eliminated that as a problem.

    Take look at the wireing under the fender as well.Its not uncomon for the harness to come loose and rub the tire.

    You also said it only happens in warm weather.What about weight?Are you always riding solo when it happens?
  7. cowboywildbill

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    I only ride one up. I was going to do the soapy spray, but when I was checking the noise it was gone. I'll put my spray in my bag and if it does it next time, I'll spray it while it's happening. I have used the spray in the past to check belts on trucks and cars and use it for gas leaks and intake leaks. I tried riding the brakes, but didn't change it.
    I do have the rotor noise in the front, but I've always had that and it does quiet down when I apply the front brake. The rubbing noise sounds like it is on the left side at or to the rear of the primary.
    Maybe when I threw it on the jack and the suspension drops, it changes the tension just enough to stop the squeak. I looked under the fender and I didn't see any thing hanging. I didn't think about the charcoal canister, that's a good idea. I'll check that out. After reading your replies I think it could be the belt. I'm surprised HD doesn't sell a belt cooler LOL.
    Maybe louder pipes would help LOL. Thanks for the replies.

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    Just Loosen and retighten (torque) the rear assembly That will change the tension enough to rid the noise..

  9. pgcris

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    I had what I would call a chriping at certain speeds was driving me crazy. I wouldn't hear it when it was below 70 deg. It ended up be the rear belt just a little to tight and maybe a little out of line.
  10. jaceddie

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    Sounds to me like the belt might be a tad loose. I just had mine fixed on the road for the same thing, and I would have sworn that the belt was adjusted to the right tension.