Looking thru windshield vs looking over

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by harleyed, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. harleyed

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    I have a 09 Heritage Softtail,the windshield measures 17.5 inches from the cut out above the headlamp.Around 60 mph and faster i get a pretty good wind buffer around my helmet.I am thinking about going with a Clearview 23.5 inch shield.This would put me lookin thru the windshield.Need some input about how this is going to work.(pros and cons)
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    I would exhaust every other possibility before I would force myself to look through a windshield. You asked for opinions - that's mine.
  3. walt5162

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    Looking slightly over the windshield. I had to get mine cut down a bit to get the exact height I needed for a clear view. It's worth the time and effort to get the right height.
  4. Zamadan

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    I removed my 12 inch cause I was always looking right at the very top of the shield. I put on a 8 inch now a can see over it and the airflow still goes over my helmet. Plus I can duck below when an on coming semi throws up water in the rain.
  5. pocketrocket

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    I agree with Hobbit. Your buffeting problem may not be your windshield. I have an 07 Softail Custom and experienced horrible buffeting problems but the culprit wasn't the windshield. It was the wind hitting my legs and coming up and around the gas tank. I solved this problem with a switchblade windshield and chrome lowers. You can tell if lowers will help by doing a simple test. While going at highway speed, carefully, take your left hand, palm down, and hold it about midway on your chest. If the buffeting stops, the wind is coming from the lower part of your bike and lowers will help.
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    I'm running the stock windshield my line of vision is just above the windshield,nice and clear no wind buffeting,the only thing I find is that after about an hour or two on the road I'm laid back and slouching enough that I'm looking through the windsheild.
  7. threesteps

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    Yep, the longer the ride the more I tend to slouch and look thru the windshield. But....I sure want to be able to look over it when somthing obstructs a clear look thru the shield.:newsmile070:
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    When I ordered my windshield for my 2007 Fatboy, I was advised that the top of the windshield when sitting properly on the bike should be at the same level as the tip of your nose. I ordered my windshield accordingly and have been very happy since.

    I agree with Pocketrocket that the buffeting comes from below and not over the top of the windshield. His experiment with the arm level at your chest with palm pointed down will most certainly tell you if the buffeting is coming from below. If so, there are a few options out there to address this issue as well.
  9. whatyardwork

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    This was probably the same guy that sold me my Streetglide promoting the look of that real low one.Rescently I read a review of a CVO road king and was amaized at there biggest complaint.The windshield..promoted on the bike as new and wider it tured out that the wider shield gave a convex look to the road ahead.It actualy turned a straight road into a road with a slow corner ahead.Definetly want to be looking over the shield after that read.
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  10. blackmouth

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    Another vote for "OVER" the windshield here.

    When I owned my Road King and when I used the shield on it, it didn't take long to get a bug on it that would have blocked my vision if I were expecting to look THROUGH it.

    A little morning mist/fog will also cause more problems than a steady rain if your sheild is too high.

    I've read of guys taking hacksaws to their shields to get it to that PERFECT height, so that's always an option if you can't find that "just right" height. I wouldn't trust myself with taking a hacksaw to a windshield but it has been done successfully by others.