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    About six weeks ago the Town Fathers of this site placed me in the brig and rightfully so. I flamed a member, apparently a disabled Vet. Hence to member VACharvel, I am truely sorry for what I posted and hope you can in your heart forgive me for this. My being placed in the brig was just and appropriate, and I did a lot of soul searching and pondering. What I posted was truely a sin and I have prayed and ask the Lord to forgive me for doing this.
    We lived in a country which provides entitlements to its citizens, which no other country does. In my own family and also from working in Nursing, I am privy to situations in our society and culture that many would not know of. Bogus claims and counterfiet claims where the government extend monies and benefits to folk who really are not deserving. This takes away from the folks who truly are deserving and this frustrates me. Knowing what I know about this I have allowed myself to become insensitive, judgemental, and suspitious. This leads to being opinionated. I have learned a lesson from my time in the brig and hope everyone on this site can forgive me. I am pleading to you in deep humbleness to forgive me. Again, I am very very sorry for flaming a member.
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    Welcome back to the forum. :hii
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    Randall welcome back, you are a big man
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    Mr Wilson:

    I appreciate the public apology to myself. It says a lot about your character. Many would just send a private PM and keep it off the board. I can not speak for the rest of the Veteran membership or membership at large.

    You are correct, many people, including Veteran's, do indeed scam the system for monetary gain which is wrong and does negatively affect people who are deserving of benefits thus making it harder for them to receive them. I can say that most of the people I have met simply want what was promised to us and what we deserve through our service. We are a very small minority in this country as Veteran's who have answered the call in war, peace, and humanitarian missions across the globe.

    Most of the Veteran's I have met are upstanding citizens, are patriotic, and contribute positively to their families and communities. Many of us show no outward or physical signs of trauma, some have severe psychological trauma, some unfortunately have both. Each of us is different and what we have experienced.
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    Let me join the others in welcoming you back. Thanks for the public apology it sets a high bar for the rest of us.
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    forgive and forget, welcome back Randall
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    Randall, I hope that your introspection helps you attain the inner peace that we all strive for. I will echo the sentiments of the forum in stating that it takes a courageous man to admit that he is wrong, especially in front of others.

    Every era of veterans returns from their service with different experiences and needs. Regardless, these are men and women who answered the call. During my time in uniform, I served with folks who were some of the finest human beings that I would ever want to meet. I also met some who were less than perfect....by a long shot. It takes all kinds to make the world..

    Welcome back....
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    Folks you may not believe this but a 57 year old man has shed some real wet warm tears of joy in being forgiven by members of this website, particulary member VACharvel! You folk have truly helped to aid in my reformation and I hope to never say or do anything to dissappoint folk on this forum again.
    The time I spent in the brig will never dim from my memory and hopefully I will be a better person for it. Thank you so much for being so opened minded, understanding and especially forgiving.
    I had lived in fear that I would not be accepted back, but that in not the case. Hence I am at peace. It is truly joyful to be forgiven by the many wonderful, nice, sharing folk of this website.
    My dear father always told me to "surround yourself with smart people and hopefully they may rub off on ya..." Now Dad...was a wise ole owl.
    I remain very grateful.

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    Randall, mistakes happen, and yes sometimes when hitting an emotional topic we do not think clearly...it does not make us less of a person, it is an act of passion, it is even described in law books. Flaming is just an extension of that feeling into an action that really will not go anyplace but downhill which is why sometimes it can be a pretty slippery slope.

    Thank you for understanding...it is big plus. As moderators, some of us have had our share of negative heat from flamers after the fact, with rebuttles for essentially defending themselves from a position of weakness and poor judgement and usually can only be answered by them being banned, if they cannot change the negative behavior, which is the part most of us label as "no joy."
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    It takes a good man to publicly apoligize for a mistake that was made! Welcome back!