I need a new helmet!

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    Okay, so I bought a HJC CL-16 full-face street helmet when I started riding last year. It is DOT/Snell, economical, and has been a good starter helmet; but since I just got my first Harley I think I need a helmet as good as my bike ;-)

    I like the protection of a full-face, but I do find the chin guard kind of annoying at times, and I see it is kind of common, almost expected, that if you ride a Harley you have a half helmet. I really have no interest in a half, though, so I am thinking 3/4.

    You guys got suggestions for a really good quality 3/4 that I should try? How about a Shoei J-Cruise? I bought the HJC online, but I am DEFINITELY buying in a shop this time so I can try them on. Or, if you have an opinion about types I am glad to hear them. Like, what will I miss about the full, or what will I might not like about a 3/4....
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    I have no experience with a 3/4 helmet but I do have experience with Shoei. I have a half and a full. Both great helmets. If you have a Cycle Gear near you, they have a great helmet return policy if you hate what you buy.
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    Harley has some great helmets available that have options specific for Harley and are very pricey. Bodeen has great advice about Cycle Gear. Do not try on a helmet in a store and then buy it on line. You more than likely will be unhappy with purchase if you can even return it. And you should try a helmet for at least 15 minutes in store before deciding if helmet is correct for you.

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    No, like I said, "I am DEFINITELY buying in a shop this time..." I don't play the browse-locally / buy-online game. Looks like the nearest Cycle Gear are just over a hundred miles in several directions, but I do go to those towns from time to time so maybe I will check them out.

    As far as Harley helmets are concerned, I think most of theirs are just rebranded ones--several I've noticed seem to be clearly HJC in disguise. I'm sure I will own some piece of HD riding gear, or two, but I am never going to be one of those who is a decked out head-to-toe, walking HD advertisement. The way I see it I'm already riding the bike, so that's my endorsement. But if they have a unique (other than their name on it) item I like, sure...
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    Last year my 3/4 visor kept popping up while riding, the geared teeth on either side were worn. I took it to my local HD and they replaced one of the side plates at no cost to me, they even ordered the other side plate at no cost to me. I was very surprised at this to say the least.

    So, I do not know if the HD helmets have a life time warranty or if the HD shop was just being customer friendly, the helmet is ~ 6 years old. I will mention they did try to sell me a new one saying that they do wear out from solar exposure, etc...

    So my opinion is HD, I'm sure their are other good ones available.
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    I like your style. I look at the Harley world very similarly. I would rather put the money in the tank and ride.............:s
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    Who cares what other Harley riders think you should wear on your head? You aren't letting it affect your clothing choices so don't let it sway your helmet purchase either. Decide how much protection you're looking for (weather and/or crash) and then try some of that kind on until you find something you really like.
  8. simius

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    Yeah, I get it, and like I said, I have no interest in a half. It's just, you know, even though we all say who cares what other people think, I think we still want to look somewhat correct and not silly...like a fat chick riding around in a Ferrari or something...just seems out of place...

    Really this post is more about recommendations for a good 3/4 helmet...
  9. fin_676

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    The important thing about helmets is that they fit correctly and give you suitable protection
    I found that rain drops at 70+ mph are sore on the face so I always wear a full face helmet and I can drop the visor when the rain comes on or there are too many flying bugs
    Most riders in this part of the world dress for the weather and the ones that dress cool don't come out too often as they are waiting for the sun
    Do some research on reviews of helmets and always ensure they have plenty of ventilation to be comfortable when it is hot
    I have about 10 helmets some have not been good under some conditions therefore have been replaced current helmet is very good but is due replacement later this year

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    I was looking at the Shoei J Cruise but my local Cycle Gear doesn't carry them( lets face it, they are mostly a sport bike oriented store) and I bought a RF 1200 ff. I was interested in being able to sneak a drink while wearing the 3/4 helmet. Shoei is a great helmet but you're gonna pay.....