I Hate "Creepers!"

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Dr. Dolittle, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Dr. Dolittle

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    You know when you're happily motoring along and you approach an intersecting road where traffic from your left and right have stop signs? I've really started noticing how many people stop at the sign and then just start inching out trying to time their "launch" perfectly. Of course, when they start doing that, I slow down because I think they're getting ready to perform the classic, "I pulled out because I didn't see him, officer." Then when I slow, they assume I'm turning or letting them in so they start creeping more and faster. Viscious cycle ensues! I almost had to come to a complete stop a couple times today since these bozos don't get it.

    I Hate "Creepers!"
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Can never be too careful alot of Bozos out there just waiting to make us mad when we r just trying to enjoy the ride I couldnt agree more
  3. Polarbear

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    Gotsta be careful out there. I think they do it just to freak us out!
  4. cedarbrook63

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    It's the cocoon effect of the cage. The world they are inhabiting while driving is actually just the space within their car and they are kind of oblivious to what's going on outside the cage. It's why so many of them think it's ok to phone or text on their cell phones and why so many people behave more aggressively behind the wheel than they would outside of the cage - road rage syndrome.

    Bikers do not have this isolation from the environment we are travelling in; corny as it sounds, we are much more at one with the road, weather and conditions. If we do switch off or get dozey - we get shocked back into paying attention stat, or we get hurt...
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  5. HDDon

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    Have to agree with you, the ones that never seem to come to a full stop worry me as much as the one that don't ever seem to look my way when they are stopped. I think we are all preaching to the chior here. The only thing that is going to work is if we get the states involved with driver education. All the talk about making motorcycle riders pass a rider safety course is OK. But untill the powers that be realize that we are a voting block and we want the driving public to wise up and drive responsibly ie no texting, cell phone usage, putting on makeup, operating their computer or all the other things that distract them, we all have to drive like we are invisable. I read an interesting article that called it "riding ahead of the moment", it made alot of sense.
  6. SixPak

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    The Province of British Columbia (in Canada) has recently passed a law banning hand held cell phone use while driving. Hopefully this will improve traffic safety here. But I doubt it. Most people just dont care about anything outside thier own vehicle. Until they get into an accident and claim " it wasn't my fault".
  7. PigSnot

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    +1 to that. Stir up the same emotions . . . . .:13:
  8. JPHOG

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    Yes the creepers freak me out,I check my mirrow and get ready to escape if need to.
  9. JohnnyBravo

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    people will always pull out in front of us....always.....when they stop at a corner and look to see if its ok to pull out, they are looking for a car.....subconciously, we dont even register.....they look for a car, see no car, and pull out.....that will never change
  10. Davidw2415

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    You wanna talk about a Bozo? have I got one for you. last Saturday While going down the highway on the Fatboy with my wife setting be hind me and in some fairly heavy traffic I was in left side of the center lane A truck to my immediate left and an car to my immediate right when I looked in my right mirror and saw a Bozo closing in on my rear. Next thing I know he's passing me up in my lane leaving me just inches between him on my right and the truck on my left and nothing to do but hope that neither gets any closer. Then to top it off the guy gets in front of me and give me the one finger salute. I believe this guy is the mother of all Bozos