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  1. dogdad

    dogdad Active Member

    Curious as to whether any one else down here in the south has a hard time riding with the temps in the mid 90's with heat index above 100*? I know it's keeping me from not riding much. Even when moving,, it's extremely hot.
  2. RickyBobby

    RickyBobby Active Member

    Dogdad, I know where you are coming from. In fact I can probably ride in 110 degree heat and not feel it as much as you do, since I live in the central valley of California and there is relatively no humidity.
    I usually ride my scoot to work, but there is no place to park it in the shade and I just don't have the heart to treat it that way, so I take the car and crank up the A/C.
    On another topic, I am going to post in the Dyna section on how I find the XiEDs working on engine heat.
  3. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    Same here. My wife and I don't get out till about 6:00 or so and ride. The trees are casting long shadows on the roads and help to cool things down a bit.
  4. dhorne

    dhorne Active Member

    I ride in 100 plus everyday , i find my ultra twin cam a little hotter then my evolution , here in venezuela it is legal for the bikes to ride between the lanes so there is not too much stop and go ,but when there is some heavy traffic even where we cannot pass the cars the bikes get really hot, other then that i use a good synthetic motor oil and spectro in the tranny and things are a little cooler
  5. threesteps

    threesteps Junior Member

    Yep, the crazy high temps and high humidity make it tough. I was lucky to have missed the worst temps in our area (NW Florida) while on a ride in MI. However, seems like we’re in for another round of the HOT stuff. I sure am making more frequent stops for cold drinks and cooling off in the shade or some a/c building. As hot as it is, I like this better than the cold!:D

    00BUCKSHOT Junior Member

    yea i live in SC and its been very hot here i do most of my riding in the early morning or late evening this time of year
  7. williamstringer

    williamstringer Member

    Know where you are coming from. I live in South Ga. and it has been up to 105 in my area with heat index 115 plus. It feels like a big blow torch blowing on you when you ride. I do ride ever day to work but I have a shade to park it under. Nice ride in the morning time.
  8. sharpscuba

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    I remember back in the winter month's when all you folks were making fun of us that live in the northern regions.Hot or cold day's this time of the year we can ride no matter what.It all works out in the end. Stay cool!
  9. AZDave

    AZDave Active Member

    Try Phoenix AZ 113 you stop at a light and when you drive off your boots are still at the light stuck to the street
  10. MWGB

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    Most of Texas is REALLY hot the last few weeks. 102-104. I drove the cage across the central part of the state to pick up the kids from camp this weekend and the bike count was way down from a few weeks ago. The heat will not let up until there is a hurricane in the gulf, so we have a ways to go. Only thing you can do now is ride out at 6:00 am and be back by noon.

    Oh well. When it is 72F in January, I'll be thankful.