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    First of all I'm new here so hello to everyone.

    Getting right to my subject my wife had a accident this spring with a deer at 50 mph. and totaled her bike. She came out of it with a few scars and some road rash. Getting back on a bike was a challenge.

    I got a new bike for her to ride. A 98 Road King Classic (mint condition). She has taken to it surprisingly well and is back to riding to work and weekend rides with me.

    So yesterday after work she was running to the store and some dumb (EDIT) girl ran a stop light in front of her, and she had to put the bike down to avoid hitting her.

    My wife is ok except for some nasty road rash on her hands and arm. But the bike not so good.

    Please read this...
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    The bike will need=

    New bars
    Hand grip, brake lever, reservoir, switch control housing
    tank repair & paint
    front crash bar
    rear crash bar
    right saddle bag
    foot brake lever
    right floor board
    right passenger foot board
    light bar
    flood light lens
    two rings for flood light housings
    fairing, wind shield, speaker (this was all brand new. just installed the night before. Power to the stereo had not been hooked up yet.)

    The bags are leather wrapped and I can only imagine that they will not match, will they replace both of them?

    I live about 80 miles from the shop that I deal with, will my ins pay to have it towed up there? Or will I have to eat this expense also?

    This is so frustrating because this bike was truly in pristine condition and now it will need to be repaired and not everything will match.

    I hope that no one is taking this wrong, I am not at all mad at my wife for wrecking the bike. She is a good safe rider and has just gotten to a few bad situations this year.

    Sorry for rambling but I'm sure most will understand.(
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  2. Breeze3at

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    If the front crash bar is more than just a little bent, check the frame where the top bolt mounts. Quite often this area rips out when the crash bar is bent. A Harley dealer will not weld the frame, and the cost of a new frame and R&R of all components will exceed the bikes value.
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    Sorry to hear this, read your policy closely, if you can insist on genuine H D replacement parts
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    Sorry to read about your wife's misfortune, at least she was not badly injured so that's a big positive.
    Hope you get your bike sorted out without too much hassle, and your insurance company works positively with you.
  5. dbmg

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    Even if the upper mount is slightly twisted in the frame bike is usually totaled.
    I am a bit concerned about having to put bike down to avoid a wreck????
    That just does not sound right. Glad that the Misses is ok though......
  6. uplandpointer

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    I guess I worded it incorrectly, She did a quick turn to avoid the car and got into a pot hole with the front tire witch ended up putting the bike down. It all happened at about 20mph.
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    If you have good insurance coverage, the repairs should be covered, don't accept the repairs if the bike is not back to pre-accident condition. Glad to hear you wife came out ok.Good luck!
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    So the news of the day is... The nice young lady that ran the stop sign and caused this mishap, is not a law abiding insurance carrying citizen. Go figure.
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    If you are insured your insurance has to cover it anyway. You should just have to pay comprehensive deductible. If you are in a no fault state or province you wont pay the deductible. If not at fault is determined.
  10. uplandpointer

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    My point is. She is at fault yet I/my ins. is the one that has to pay