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    Greetings: I recently gleened a lot of info from the boards as to the oils and lubes for HD. Decided to buy from my not so local HD shop. 5 qts of Syn 3, new filter and drain plug o-rings.
    Then the fun began. Previous owner said my bike had been serviced by a HD dealer and was good for the season. After months of work to get it back in shape, I was a bit concerned about the fluids. Especially after finding the wrong spark plugs in it last month. HD parts manager recommended Syn3 20/50 in all 3 holes...
    First, the oil filter had to be destroyed to get it off, looks like someone did not put oil on the gasket when is was last replaced. I did some of the hints that folks have shared here on the forum and things went pretty smooth.
    Then the test ride. Engine runs nice and smooth, clutch disengages as it should hot or cold. Tranny is a major bummer. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, slap in loud and hard, 4th and 5th barely engage the hotter the bike got on a 10 mile run.
    Back to the drawing board, pulled Syn3 out and tried Mobile 1 syn 75/90, much better. Still slaps in the low gears but no vibration in the high gears and they engage ok...
    Question: Is there a better tranny fluid or am I just throwing money at something that is ok just as it is?... I'd love to try Amsoil but after $120.00 on lubes and filter, Im a bit gun shy...
    Rick kc2htv
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    You have no idea what you just did! One thing I learned on this forum is never, and I mean never, ask for an opinion on what oil to use. You will get some people who like this because of its superior molecular mumbo jumbo or the guy who has been using the same brand for 20 years because "eh I haven't had a problem yet". The floodgates are now open! On a serious note, I have used Mobil 1 75/90 before and it seemed pretty good. I switched to Spectro GL5 one the last tranny oil change and I am impressed with the difference it made. Sure it's a little pricey and kinda hard to find but the tranny seems to be smoother and quieter. It also made it easier to find neutral. Just my .02. I have a feeling by the end of this thread your gonna have a lot of pennies thrown your way. Which is a good thing!
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    mobil1 v twin 20w50 in engine spectro platnum in tranny and spectro primary

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    YEP,,,, Oil is like a Religion, Mine Mine Mine is the right one or the best...

    I would say, LOOK at the many Threads on Tranny Noise and what to use and Not to use. NO SIN 3. (.)

    I'm surprised they still recommend that stuff (sin3) let alone for all THREE HOLES.

    Three Holes MEANS 3 different PROPER Lubes.

    Engine OIL
    Primary Lube (wet clutch approved)
    GEAR OIL for a tranny

    My choices are Redline Products.

    20/50 Redline in the engine

    Redline MTL in the Primary (V-Twin Primary lube by Redline is the same product , just a different label for Motor Cycle use and 3$ more a quart)

    You Can't beat Redline's ShockProof Heavy in a Tranny.

    IT works and quiets it down. Smooths out the shifting.
    Used for years in racing bikes, getting World Records and is so good that it cushions the gears Not allowing metal to metal contact.


    Go get the one you want but Careful....By the time you TRY all, Your bike and wallet Will Be Worn out.:D

    Learn from the best: Ones that have USED their Spouted Product Not the ones that JUST Tried it.

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    I had M1 75W/140 in the tranny, but elected to switch to Spectro 6-speed which is $pendy, but worth it. No more tranny whine & shifts "like buttah."
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    Bubbie is correct, read the threads and pay attention to the fluid polls, see what is most widely used and make your choice from there. Lots of year of experience here and you'll get good advice.
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    Welcome to the forum KC. Some "clunk" is normal in 1-2-3 gears. I have used Mobil1 75-90, Lucas (forgot #), and Spectro GL6 (Redline is on shelf for next change) in my bike,. No real difference noticed between any of them, but much better than 20-50. If you learn to move the shift lever a little slower, it may lessen the clunk a little bit.
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    I recently installed a baker reverse and helical cut 5th gear in mine and baker recomended spectro and those folks know gears
  9. HDSickness

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    You might try adjusting primary chain and clutch for better shifting after taking the motor oil out of the tranny and filling with a gear oil.:yes
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    Many Thanks. I used the threads to make that last change to Mobile1 but should have tried to find the Spec for primary and tranny. Drop the shift lever a bit will be on the weekend maintanance plan. Had the primary and belt tension checks a couple weeks ago and it was good.
    Would rather go with the experiance gleened here, and save time and troubles. Love the Heritage, and the want list is ever growing, but the basics need the most attention. Learned more about oils and plugs in the last few months than I did for all my prior years. Again thank you folks for your much appreciated input and experiance.
    Rick kc2htv