Electric Starter has grinding sound.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by markofH, Dec 1, 2012.

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    07 Roadking when restarting while engine is hot after getting gas, etc. sometimes startup will hesitate & there is a grinding noise. Thinking of replacing starter but want to be sure first. Any thoughts?
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    I had the same issue on a 2008 FXSTC and the starter got replaced by the dealer while doing some other work (thank God for extended warranties). He said there was an electrical grounding problem. Mine also had an electrical smell to it.
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    It is NOT your starter so leave it alone. It is your compensator sprocket so you need to replace the compensator sprocket with the SE Big Twin Compensator HD part #40274-08A the part cost $249.95 . Replacing the stock compensator with the SE compensator will solve your starting issues.
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    Knowing mileage on bike, knowing if the original 2007 battery is still installed and knowing if any performance mods (cams, spark mapping, SE compensator) have been made to the engine sure would help.

    Even when everything is right, "Hot soak" re-starts can draw a bunch of current. Heavy current draw places a large voltage drop across the solenoid. Starter pinion releases and then grinds or starter just can't push through compression quickly and engine kicks back causing ring gear grinding. Before blaming starter, first thing I would do is clean & re-tighten both battery cables. Remove/clean/retighten ring terminal on heavy ground cable from battery going to starter. Wire brush/clean/retighten positive ring terminal at starter also. If the battery is original 2007, I would get a new one regardless of how it tested or how the engine cranked when it was cold. Having a fresh battery is never a waste money.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    My 09 does this every once and a while (Hot Starts)........

    I had my battery checked (BY HARLEY SHOP)..... I was ready to replace it but battery Proved Fully Charged and holding AMPS, same as new condition.

    I am only having this problem when Hot starting and Not every time.

    I Have TRIED a new method when Hot...NOT HARLEY APPROVED Right at the time I turn on the Key and the off button to ON,,,,
    NOT Waiting for the bike to go thru the normal process ; light-pump-light off before starting.
    Hit starter Immediately and BAM,,,,It starts....

    This HAS started without the grind,,,, worked EVERY Time so far on HOT start up...

    IN My Case (not others) I think it to be a Floodiing situation caused by the pump pumping up and too rich at start-up...

    I do NOT approve this method for anybody else BUT it Works On MY bike...........

    By INSTANT starter engagement : does NOT kick-back and Fires Right up...:D

    IF you try it,,,,NO HESITATION from ON to Hitting the start button....Waiting will only cause the Kick back problem ON MY BIKE ...

    NOT HARLEY APPROVED before I get a repremanded from some of the Higher Powers Here.

    Just My Way

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    I'd like to get your opinion on the Gen3 for my bike. Talked to Dobeck yesterday and they said I need the EJK part #9120333 which will not bypass the O2 sensors but will completely eliminate them. I'm to leave them screwed into the pipes, but disconnect the wires at the other end and not hook them back up to anything. Doesnt the computer need some sort of reading from the O2's??? I know you're the expert on the TFI or EJK, so I value your opinion. Thanks.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    MY OPINION,,,,,NOT DOBECKS........Yes, the wires from the 02 sensors are disconnected..... (in my case capped-connected)

    I have connectors that BY-Pass and FOOL the HD Brain that all is good...This allows the gen3 (TFI,Gen4) to add the needed fuel and the HD Brain doesn't take it away, IT doesn't even know it is there...

    IF you leave the 02 wires Hooked up, the HD Brain will try to get the fuel settiing back to the 14.7 level full time (EPA)

    I don't know why Dobecks has not made caps for All the newer bikes..IF un-hooked they will do the same as MY Capped ones ... Un-capped they will trigger a code in the system BUT not change anything but show a code.....

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    Can you define grinding noise, as in starter not full engaging? Hoople has given you some very clear advice here INO, tho i would add some 07 models had problems with heat treating of ring gears causing starter noises JMO
  9. Webbtron

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    With me I always got to keep the 66 Ford F100. I like your new plan, it might not be that much of a stretch to apply to a "HOT Starting" problem.:)
  10. glazier

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    Thanks Bubbie, but when you say you capped your wires, where did you cap them at and what kind of caps? Do you mean just capping the wire connectors that the O2 sensors were plugged into? And if I don't cap them I'll trigger a code? Don't want to do that. So if I need to cap them and Dobeck doesn't make a cap for the newer bikes, then what are my other choices, if I have any?