EFI remap done or not?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Safehaven, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Hey Everyone,

    A bit of history, I bought the bike from an indy second hand dealership where they assured me they installed a high flow filter, pipes and did an EFI remap to compensate for the lean condition.. Okay, fine, I coundn't check so I believed them and went on my way. Now some time later I've picked up 1 or 2 things about these bikes and am changing the intake while changing my oil(s) after the first short ride for the new season and voilá, I discover that the air filter has not been changed at all to a high flow element.. Obviously my thurst in this dealership is shot, and I'm doubting heavily that my efi was remapped since my shortshots are popping quite a lot for my taste..

    No biggy if the intake wasn't modified before, but it sure is now with the SE high flow filter and new quiet baffles..

    My question, can I have the EFI maps checked against the stock map at a MoCo dealership? Will they be honest about it?

    Help me out guys, I want to figure out best and cost effective solution to this problem. If if it turns out it isn't mapped, would the SERT with a map download be a good idea?

    Full bench tuning here costs around 1000€ with sert controller, just the controler with maps is about half that..
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    Go with a PCV, tell em what you have and they'll map it for you.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    ECM Calibration And TFI - Harley Davidson Community have a read here first before you spend any money:s
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    Any dealer can tell you what map is in the ECM by hooking up to it with the digital tech or they may be able to look in their computer for service records.
    I would take the matter up with the one that sold you the bike, they misrepresented what you paid for.
  5. Hoople

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    It would probably be a waste of time. Even if you had a Stage 1 download (file #141NX002), which is the best you could hope for, it is just about all closed loop from 20kPa to 90kPa. So the only time the map would apply, is when under wide open throttle.(95-100kps). At least you don't have to deal with or offset for E10 fuels.

    Do some reading. You have a several choices.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Personally I would go with the TFI/Gen3 from Dobecks Performance and Get a discount as a Member of HDT... even bigger discounts so Look BEFORE you buy from them to see.. You don't Need the HD's remap... The money spent there will be about 2/3 of what the TFI cost..

    The up-grade you talk about Like Hoople says,,,HD''s upgrade map,,, I also feel Is a waste of $$ especially compared the many who are PLEASED with their bikes Not Running LEAN after the Dobeck product is installed and saved $$ by Just doing the TFI....

    You can do the install your self and TFI/gen3 comes Preset for your modifications... It will really Improve you runability of the bike..
    Ask questions Here on the site by going under product support on the main page,,, questions answered by Dobecks and Ask, Read there and even call them for a one on one.... They are Top Notch and will spend any amount of time YOU need to Understand all....


    OOpsy,, See you are across the Pond.. No phone then..?? look on this site for all answers
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    Neat trick & Good to know! (it is 6200 RPM for stage 1, just checked)
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    Hey Glider,

    Good to see you back around here, and thanks again for the advice ;)

    I've contacted the dealer. Basically he's leaving me in the dark, saying they can only re-flash it (for a fee) and that they don't keep records. I don't feel like getting into an argument with them since I have no intention of using their services in the future, basically my trust in their honesty is gone.

    I'll take it to another shop this weekend for a map check. This is a MoCo shop, so they should be able to help me with diagnosing the maps I have right now.

    Then I'll have to decide which solution to buy, TFI sounds nice & easy to set up, but the SE might be better. Don't know yet.

    Thx for the help anyways :)


    I wish I had a tach on my bike.. neat trick though :) I like this way of thinking :)


    Hey Bubbie,

    Thanks for the advice, almost got me convinced about the TFI :) I like the fact that they kinda setup like a carb. Just hope they are more reliable!

    Phone is no biggy, paid by my company and I don't have a problem working on the bike at night, although my neighbors might not particulary like this..

    Guess I have to throw another BBQ soon!

    p.s. HDTalking discounts? Now I'm really interested! Who should I contact?
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    It's also a good excuse for a race :)
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    Kind of in the same boat here. Purchased the used scoot as a repo from my Credit Union, the owner had passed and the wife turned it in.

    It has the stage I, but I have no way of knowing how it is tuned. All I know is it runs well and has very little to no decel pop, so I hope it was tuned correctly.

    I just wanna ride!!!