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  1. Ranger63

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    Hello Members
    Do you where ear plugs...I wear a half helmet, I have tried several types of ear plugs that I get at work, they all seem to reduce the sound by too much. I want to hear the bike and my surroundings but want to cut down on the wind noise...I want to hear my V&H short shots, but could really tame down the wind....any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
    Thanks - Keep ridin safe !~
  2. bikemikewcr

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    I use the blue hearos. They seem to work well and I wear a 1/2 helmet the majority of the time also. I have also used the orange and green ones. When I was road racing I also used them but that was obviously with a full faced helmet.
  3. horizonchaser

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    I agree that they do cut down the sound too much where we can't hear the surrounding sounds. I like to listen to my stereo when I ride and thanks to this site, I tried using ear plugs to cut down on the wind noise, but I then found that my stereo was cranked louder than I really wanted it to be. I don't want to be obnoxiously loud going through towns. On the open road, is another story. ;-)
    I do want to adhere to the advice of this forum because it never occured to me about curtailing wind noise until I read it here. I am loosing my hearing as it is so anything that I can do to preserve it is probably a good idea. I'll keep searching for the right pair of plugs.
  4. TXMikey

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    I wear a half-helmet, and the best earplug compromise I've found with wind reduction and being able to hear the stereo are the Hocks Noise Breakers, or the Alpine MotoSafe earplugs. Neither are real cheap, but the Hocks are cheaper than the MotoSafe. One advantage on the MotoSafe is you can adjust the amount of noise blocked by changing a small insert in them.

    Both of these reduce the wind noise, but still be able to hear traffic and stereo.

    YOu might check out earplugsuperstore.com for several optons on earplugs for motorcycles. I've bought several pairs from them, and have received very prompt service.
  5. scrinch

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    I have never even thought of them until yesterday when it got warm here in Maine and I took off the windshield. Man what a lot of wind noise. I have used a wax type plug when trying to sleep in strange places and they seem to work really well. Can still hear the fire alarm but not the elevator.
  6. Animal

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    Up here in Alberta if it's that windy it's also chilly so I wear a face mask that the sides cover my ears. Keeps the wind noise down but I can hear my sound system and bike.
  7. Flywheel

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    I have been wearing ear plugs for a couple of years now. I have been using some blue plugs with 3 flexible ridges on them. As time has progressed they have come to hurt my ears........ a lot.

    Stopped in at a Walmart yesterday and they have some flesh colored sponge type plugs which claim reduction to 32dcb. I believe them, after I put them in i couldn't feel them. What a relief.

    Down side for some of you guys and to a certain extent me, the motor sound is almost gone and I have very loud cycle shack slip-ons. A slight amount of wind noise (very slight) gets through. Forget about conversation or hearing your radio. I don't have a radio and you couldn't pay me to put one on my bike so it's not a problem for me. Oh the price wasn't bad either $4.00 for 10.
  8. ksboy

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    I'm like you Flywheel. The sound of my pipes is all I care to hear. My brother sticks earphones in and cranks the IPod.
    Whatever keeps you riding.
  9. Jim B.

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    Or both.
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    If I wear earplugs I cant here my stereo!