Black Hills Rally

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  1. Spearodafish

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    Upon returning from my Sturgis run, I have been reflecting on all the things I saw and did. I rode CA, NV, AZ, UT, WY, ID, MT, SD, WA, OR. I hit the coast, desert, mountains, and cities (almost got killed in Portland but my ABS saved my bacon). Rode through heat, rain, and snow on the Beartooth Highway. Visited Yellowstone for a full day for the first time and took most every back highway we could find vs. the Interstate system (until the return trip home that is). We went to the Battlefield of the Little Bighorn and Custer's Last Stand Hill. Once in the Sturgis area, we went through Custer State Park, Needles Highway, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Hill City, Deadwood, FTS, no-panty Wed in Heulett, and certainly there is more I can't remember.

    During a post ride dinner with my riding pals, 4 of whom were from S. Africa, I found I had several. I have a favorite location (Crazy Horse), ride (Needles Highway), thing (camaraderie among our group). It's one of those things where you just can't explain what it's like to ride 12 days straight, some days for me were over 900 miles and 15 hours on the bike, through all weather climates and exceeding 5000 miles. Sore butt; you bet, but mind was exercised and I came home decompressed from everyday life. This has been one of the best vacations I've ever had.

    I say all this yet am trying to pose the question of, in a limited amount of words, what stands out as your highlight during the Black Hills Rally? Deadwood? Mt. Rushmore? Crazy Horse? Spearfish Canyon? Do tell, because I'm going to go back and would like to expand my opportunities to see new things.
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  2. gbashby

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    Badlands was by far my favorite.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Spearfish Fish Hatchery, next to Spearfish campgrounds, they raise the trout their for stocking the waters, you can feed them and tour the site:s
  4. smartguy

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    #1 ride-Iron Mt. road
    #2 ride-Needles Hwy
    #3 people watching
    To bad you can't walk the streets of Sturgis with a beer in hand...
    but it's all good
  5. Spearodafish

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    Hi gbashby,

    They were on our list; yet we didn't make it. Are they as hot as the Badlands here in So Cal? After your post, I did a little reading on them and how they were created. Sounds like a real scenic ride and on my list for next year for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Jack,

    I have heard about Spearfish Canyon, but didn't know about the hatchery. Like the Badlands, the canyon was on my list but we ran out of time. I'll have to put this in there for next year too. Thanks for sharing.

    Mr. Smartguy,

    I agree with you on Needles Hwy for sure. I don't know if we did Iron Mt. Road or not; I'll have to check with our group leader. We hit a lot of stuff, but I too like people watching. This trip gave me plenty of opportunities to watch folks. And I concur, wish we could walk the streets of Sturgis with a cold one like in Heulett, WY on no-panty Wed. Thanks for sharing and I'm going to look into Iron Mt. Road.
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  6. cos56

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    +1 and the Badlands
  7. Merlynn

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    Devils Tower WY. Not that far away, beautiful ride there and back and the tower is a fascinating anomaly of nature. Of all the explanations for its creation, the Indian one makes the most sense to me!
  8. Spearodafish

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    Hi Merlynn,

    Rode by there on the way to Heulett, WY. You are right, the ride there was a blast. Seeing it was very cool. I didn't actually go into the park area and walk to the base for the story, but now that you mentioned a story behind it I'll have to go. I dig those kind of stories!
  9. Jack Klarich

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    I dont know if you can still climb the tower, back in 1992 we stopped in and there were several folks doing it, Not me I am scared of heights and Rattle Snakes:p
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