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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Blue Wide Glide, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Blue Wide Glide

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    I was told by a local dealer that doing the cam chain tensioner upgrade would take 8 hours. Eight hours seems like a lot of time to me. I would like to hear how long it took from those that have had it done by a dealer, and how long it took from those that have done it themselves.
  2. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    It took me a Saturday to do mine. I cut the push rods and installed adjustable push rods. I imagine if you have done a few you could do it quicker. If you don't cut the push rods it is going to take a longer.
  3. ultra...good

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    If you have never done it before it will take you about 8 hours, if you take your time. Helped a friend do it last spring and 8 hours into it we were done with the test ride and had a few beers down. Neither one of us is a mechanic by trade, but do have all the tools. Even if you re-use the stoclk push rods, still shouldn't take that long, but we did use new adjustable ones so that could be the difference.
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  4. Brutal FXDX

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    I work for a dealer and we charge 6hrs to replace the old spring loaded tensioners, and the same for inst the hydraulic upgrade. I have done it in 3.5 hrs using adj pushrods and just cutting the stock one out w/ bolt cutters. This takes less time cause no need to remove the fuel tank and unload the valve train. 8 hrs seems like too much to me. Why not do it your self?
  5. Charlies Harley

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    I just had my cam tensioners up graded to hydraulic, cams replaced to SE-203, push rods, new lifters, also had the 1550 flat top pistons and cylinders replaced to bring my 88cu in to 95cu in, starter bendix replaced all for 10 hours.
  6. TQuentin1

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    Like Kemo, I did mine in about a day. But I did a pictorial of the process which probably added to the actual time it would take to do it. But I do not believe that DIYers should rush any project they are doing for the first time. Read the book, go see what the book is talking about, read it again, and then do what it said (this is based on the old addage - "measure twice, cut once"!!). So I would guess that I could probably do it again with the exact same process in about four hours assuming no "oops-factor".

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  7. Bud White

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    i figure we had 10 hours into my buddies did it on 2 sats because parts were back ordered when we took it apart ..
  8. HDDon

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    I seems like a lot of hrs to replace the tensioners. I had the S&S gear plate and Andrews cams with SE pushrods installed and the dealer here charged me 6 hrs.
  9. pigrider

    pigrider Active Member

    It sounds to me like they're just quoteing you the time out of a flat rate manual. Any profesional mechanic worth his salt can beat flat rate manual time without breaking a sweat. I'd either do it myself or find an indy that actually charges labor by the hour.
  10. SoonerSoftail

    SoonerSoftail Active Member

    I'm with pigrider. I bet they're quoting from a flat rate manual. I did mine in around 6 hours and it was the first time I've been inside a twin cam.