A Sad Day Indeed!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by dankisdea, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. dankisdea

    dankisdea Member

    Being new to the HD world i discovered a new kind of saddness yesterday. I had to get my new to me Road King ready for the winter storage.(since i am a fair weather rider) Then i realized that i wouldn't ride again till the sun decides to bless the great state of Oregon again. A sad day indead! I did however get to detail the bike before covering it for the winter. So that did bring a smile to my face! Even though it took me 4 hours to do. (i am a little anal about my bike) I stripped all the wax off with dawn dishsoap, went over the paint twice with meguires fine cut polish, once with swirl remover 2.0, then put a coat of glaze and finally 2 coats of yellow wax. Now with stabile and fuel drier in the tank and the battery tender hooked up the bike is buckled down for the winter. I think i shed a tear or two as i buckled the bike cover. A sad day indead!
  2. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    So many HD riders feel your pain!:( Lets all bow our heads and pray for a early spring.:D
  3. fin_676

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    My bikes are all tucked up in the sheds and I am fully into autumn mode getting my garden ground ready for the winter and spring and have no plans for the bikes this winter but I will say hello to them as I am in and out of the sheds for tools etc

  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    1 more reason I moved to Florida, I could not stand the winter lay up, tho I had been known to ride in the snow:D
  5. dbmg

    dbmg Experienced Member

    But remember, you will be like a kid on Christmas when that Spring day arrives and you can uncover the steed and go for the first ride of the season.......:newsmile01:
  6. fin_676

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    First ride in spring is always a special event can be as early as mid march or as late as early june although 2 bikes get inspection in late april can be great weather or really miserable just have to wait and see what happens

  7. Amish Hawg

    Amish Hawg Active Member Contributor

    If we're lucky down here, we park them for a month (prep time for March). I couldn't imagine putting her to bed for 2 or 3 months.

    I feel your pain:shock
  8. atm33

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    Could be a couple more nice days yet. I'm gonna wait a couple weeks...
  9. lorne

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    hey Jack since they feel so good clean their bikes...might be a good idea to volunteer our bike to get cleaned by them. since you dont have time to clean your as you are always riding....oops inside voice :p

    honestly i feel your pain i lived in Alberta and B.C. for many years...
  10. BUBBIE

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    NONE of this stuff for me... :newsmile078:

    Mine stays ready for the Moment it gets 68 to 75 out... Can't remember When I put mine away? Winter? winter?........OH Winter....:small3d026:

    Comes for a few days when Santa comes along Right?......:p

    I DON't Think I do actually Put the Bike UP even then...:shock

    Kinda like Jack over in Florida, ALWAYS a sunny day close by...:newsmile01: but even a little better here. :D

    sorry, I just Had to rub that in a little... It took Many years of Work to retire down here in Gods Harley Land...

    So. East Az. at 4400 feet is really a nice Biker place to live... Some time a little :small3d011: But I get over that...