48 States - Leg 3

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    Howdy Boys & Girls, it's that time again. I leave tomorrow for the third and final leg of my 48 state tour. This trip will find me heading east through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Then up into New England, Quebec, Ontario, back into the US on the Michigan Upper Pennisula, and finally back down through the upper Mid West. I will hit all of the HD facilities and the Buell Factory along the way. When I return home in a couple of weeks, I will have ridden to the lower 48 states and 6 Canadian Provinces this year, putting a total of about 16,000 miles on the bike for the three legs. I'm a lucky son of a gun to be retired and have a loving wife who lets me do things like this. I serviced the bike last week, am loading it today, and will be ready to leave in the morning with the holiday traffic gone. I have attached a copy of the path I will be loosely following, again depending on daily whim.

    Lest we forget, the premise for the three legs was to ride to all 48 lower states, and collect a town and county for each letter of the alphabet. No more than one town per state, no more than one county per state. This is for particpation in the Harley Owner's Group ABC's of Touring program. My current plan will be to finish the year with 116 points. Not enough to win, but should place in the top ten.


    In the process of loading the bike. Once again, the shine is compliments of Pledge and our Fearless Leader dragging us to it, kicking and screaming. :lolrolling

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    Best wishes to ya Jake! I certainly enjoyed reading your last adventure. Now I can look forward to this one. Fair winds and following seas!

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    Have a safe and enjoyable trip for sure Jake...looking forward to some excellent pictures and trailside comments. They sure brightened up my day...:D
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    Fair Thee Well!
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    Safe trip Jake. We'll be looking forward to your comments and pictures.
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    Enjoy Jake...when you get here in Wisconsin give a shout if you need anything at all.
    Be safe!
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    Bon Voyage Jake,

    If ya need anything in New Jersey, ring my bell.

    You could stop in Middlesex County, NJ. :)
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    be safe man... looks like a good trip. avoiding Chicago traffic? you are wise.
    looking forward to your posts...if you need wifi and something not Mc Donald's while in Oconomowoc, WI
    I'll p.m. my number.
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    Northern Loop - Tuesday Sep 8

    Off and running this morning about 0800.[​IMG]

    Shot the pink elephant at the Guthrie, KY crossroads. I don't know the whole story about these things, but everytime I see one, it seems to be a lottery sales outlet. [​IMG]

    Headed north on KY79 after leaving Russelville. Ran into fog about 30 miles north, ran in it for close to an hour. Other than the fog, this is a great little road that winds around, up, and down through hills, fields and woods. Very relaxing. [​IMG]

    My plan to have all 26 towns, one for each letter of the alphabet, be documented with a post office picture fell apart this afternoon. Xenia, OH has a great post office, just no sign identifying it that I could find. Had to settle for a town marker on the edge of town. [​IMG]

    I did run into rain today. :lol Put the rainsuit on just before Cincinatti. After several miles of stop & go traffic, I found a spot to pull over and get out of the sauna suit. Ran into rain again at Xenia, so called it a day.

    I will be heading east into WV tomorrow, and may get as far as MD.

    OBTW, do not take US-42 through Cincinatti, unless you really enjoy sitting in traffic. LESSON LEARNED !

    This is being posted Wednesday morning. The fog settled in and I really don't have a desire to hit the road until it starts to thin some. Guess I can read and review the posts. :s Thanks for the kind words from those who read my posts.
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    Hey Jake,

    God speed. I really enjoy your pics and travels keep them coming. Perfect time of year too if you ask me. How long do you think you'll be gone this time?