You can`t trust anyone

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by cyborg, Aug 14, 2010.

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    unreal.. my mouth dropped when i read the link... man! sick.
  3. martin14

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    Hey Gents, be happy this guy is at least being charged.

    In Vancouver they can get drunk, drive around with kids in the back,
    kill bikers and walk away from it.
  4. glyd-n

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    WOW!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!:small3d014::small3d014:
  5. SixPak

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    Well I hope they lock up that cop. There is no excuse ever for drinking and driving or riding. And yes it's unbelievable but very true that the RCMP, Vancouver Police and Delta Police are crooked. There have been a few cases here where an impaired cop injured or killed somebody but walked away scot free. It makes me Sick!!
  6. bwalsh22

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    Sad, but just cause someone is a cop, doesn't make them any smarter, or better than anyone else. We are all capable of stupidity and this is one of those.

    I'm sure the pain of what he has done will live with him.

    Prayers to the lady in critical condition and the families of all.
  7. robermv32

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    Would we all feel the same if the headline just read, Doctor or Teacher or, you wouldn't there is something about the authority figure that when they mess up people just can't wait to jump. I say this because I was the recipient of such a witch hunt while employed as a police officer. You go to work and have a bad day because the boss yelled at you or your pencil lead broke. We go to work to fight with belligerent dope addicts, Pimps, aggressive jerks that just beat up their children or wife. We go to work to deal with all those things you just run to the phone to report and then sit back and critique the responding officer's behavior. Don't get me wrong...I'm not defending the man's actions...but I do understand why some officers fall prey to the bottle. I was one of them. I was fortunate in that I caused no other person any physical harm, just myself and my family enduring the shame brought on by a mob-like mentality fueled by the local media. Sometimes it too easy to judge. The man made a terrible mistake...he has to live with that, if he can. I just hope the next headline doesn't read, Officer takes his own life." I know that without the help and support of my wife and family.......I might have
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    Thanks Robermv32, and bwalsh22
    Not defending his actions, just maybe understand a little better and a little less likely to judge!!!

    My Prayers for all involved.
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    robermv32,35 yrs on the job and I know what ya mean
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    Sometimes we put people of authority in a higher place and forget that they are human. This does not condone the actions. At times people think they can handle it as the slide down the slippery slope. Its just very unfortunate that a innocent bystander ends up paying for the foolish actions and mistakes most of the times. Hopefully this will reiterate how defensive we need to be when we ride and try to avoid unfortunate situations.