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    I have been talking with an engine builder and he reccomends using woods cams for my build, has anyone out there used them and what grind did you use. I have been looking at their website and am kinda stuck between two grinds.
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    What are you doing to the engine?

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    need to know more about the build and the two grinds you are looking at. I have not run any Woods cams but have installed them in other builds. From the little I know and hear, the 5-6 is not too noisy but all the others are noisy and rough on the valve train; very aggressive ramps and fairly high spring pressure. However, they will make lots of power if you can live with the side effects.
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    I've used Wood cams on two occasions. The first was a set of 400G's in a 106" FXDL. The Bike was a Torque Monster, but the valve train was very noisy. I was able to quiet it down some by using an over-sized pinion gear to take up the lash, but it was never even close to quiet. The second time was just recently with a set of TW6-6R "Conversion" cams in a 95" 2004 FLHRI. Those cams were incredibly noisy! I was running stock springs and went so far as to tighten up the rocker clearances. The only thing that made them any quieter was to adjust the push rods down 4 turns as suggested by Bob. They were still so noisy that I wound up replacing them with a set of Andrews cams and now the bike is quiet. They did make good power, but I couldn't stand the noise. The engine sounded like I had marbles rattling around inside the rocker box's. In fairness though, some people have said they were able to make em run quiet but I never could.

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    If you're lookin' for Max HP/TQ/FUN Wood cams are the ticket.

    Looooove my 9b's in my 2006 FXDBI @ 11.4/1.(headwork required) These Wood cams are designed for performance first. As with any cam, they should be mated w/headwork, pipes, and fuel delivery system.

    Bob Wood gladly takes calls and explains options, also [removed] (Wood's largest account) can explain the particulars in detail.
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